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Waiting line at the rest area ...

Today we hit the road from Minnesota and headed west.  Caledonia is a rather small town with a population less than 3ooo, but that didn’t stop us from getting lost right off the bat as we began heading the wrong direction.  Not to worry though, as we simply made one of our customary “U-Turns”.  We are getting quite good at making U-ies and we all now understand the hand spinning overhead as the sign to prepare for our customary U-Turn.  Note: we normally use the spinning hand with the pointer finger overhead to alert the water-skier to prepare for the boat to make a U-ey out on the lake, and this procedure  has been put into practice for our cross country trip.  After our world’s largest GPS got us to Hwy 90, Super Dave took over with the lead.  After all, how could anyone get lost while driving straight west down a 4-lane freeway … well in my defense, I was thoroughly enjoying the scenery and failed to notice the sign that apparently alerted any drivers interested in taking the wrong turn to simply stay in the right lane.  For as I approached an unexpected set of markers separating the lanes on he freeway from the right and the left, I accidentally choose the “Drivers wishing to go to the wrong direction” lane and lead the party to an off ramp with no way back to the freeway.  That is unless the driver really wanted to head the opposite direction east.  Then it was easy and convenient to enter the freeway.  Giving the customary U-ey overhead hand spin, we all made a U-Turn from “in the middle of nowhere and you don’t want to be here“, and proceeded to head the opposite direction towards where we just came from.  Eventually we came to an off-ramp where we were able to exit the east bound freeway, and get back on the west bound freeway to proceed in the westward direction again.  But this time when I came to the sign that alerted all drivers that if they want to go the wrong way simply stay in the right lane, I wisely choose the left lane instead.  I think everyone was pleased with my choice. Later in the morning, during a lunch break, the Grey Ghost, Tess, and Vee told me that I am getting my road name changed from Super Dave to Wrong Way Dave.  Hey I’m just one humble guy, and certainly not worthy of having 2-road names, but I proudly excepted my new road name since it was given to me by my friends and those who love me … I think.

Noteworthy is the 2-lane highway, hwy 76, that winds through some pretty farm land, hills, and streams, and leads to Hwy 90. I recommend this road to all motorcycle riders.  Nice break from the freeways.   

We decided to stay overnight in a small town in the middle of South Dakota called Chamberlain, but not before indulging in a Butter Burger and of course a couple scoops of frozen custard.    

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Waiting line at the rest area ...
Waiting line at the rest area ...
photo by: pudwell