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Super Dave and Eagle Eye aka the Grey Ghost stop at the summit to enjoy all the fresh show and fridgid temperature

We left our nice warm hotel at Buffalo, and headed out early in the morning to that big open frontier in below freezing temperatures and gusty winds.  As we loaded our gear for the day, we observed the fresh snow that covered the mountains all around us.  With Yellowstone Park as our next destination, we “headed for adventure, or whatever comes our way … Born to be Wild” ( to quote the lines from the famous Steppenwolf biker anthem).  Hwy 16 is a great way to see Wyoming, and as we headed up the high mountain pass, the wet roads became wet and icy.  We pulled off the road at the summit (just under 10,000 feet) and discovered that the Worlds Largest GPS Unit also doubled as hand warmers.  And a good thing too as I don’t know if I could have gone much further without warming my hands.

Another Beautiful day to Ride ... if you happen to be a fish who likes Harleys.
  We got a lot of strange looks as we traveled down the highway that day; 2-tough bikers riding in the snow, and the world’s largest GPS with the top down as if cruising along the ocean on a warm day.  As we stopped at the summit to warm our hands, the worlds largest GPS let us know that the outside temperature was 25 degrees.  With frozen numb hands,, snow falling, and the winds blowing, the actual temperature felt more like at least 24 degrees.

Heading down the summit on Hwy 16, we stopped at the first place we could find to warm up and have some coffee.  We found a small little town along the way called Ten Sleeps, and the Crazy Woman Café.  Sounded good to us.  The town takes its name from the American Indian days when it took 10-days of travel (ten sleeps) to get from Fort Laramie near Yellowstone Park to this place of rest.  No doubt they stopped here to warm up at the Crazy Woman Café as well.

I think it was at the town of Worland that the Grey Ghost decided he didn’t need to ride through Yellowstone Park at this visit.  So we decided to head south in order to get out of the snow, and west in order to get out of the storm.

We made the first stops we could at a larger small town called Thermopolis to buy a pair of warm winter gloves.  Not as easy as you would think because the towns along the way are small, and there aren’t sporting goods stores everywhere.  The waitress where we stopped for lunch gave us a lead, and we followed up and found the gloves.  The Grey Ghost already had warm gloves because he brought them along.  I have no idea why he would think to bring a pair of warm weather gloves on a supposedly warm trip, but he must have had a vision. 

Also during our lunch stop, Super Dave proposed that the Grey Ghost's road name be officially changed to Eagle Eye.  This is because we discoverd during our days of travel together that there is nothing he doesn't seem to see.  At every stop, he recalls the animals, plants, mountain formations, small black bugs crawling along the back side of buffalo, and other noteworthy sites that everyone else always seemed to miss.  Did you see the buffalo along the range?  Yeah, but did you also see those 3-small flies that were buzzing around his tail?  We all agreed that Eagle Eye would be a fitting road name.               

Hwy 20 near the Boysen Reservoir was another absolutely beautiful area on our trip.  The highway passes along side of some of the most beautiful cliffs and valleys and through tunnels.  We all enjoyed this area, and look forward to coming back again.  One of the highlights for Super Dave and the Grey Ghost was the heated hand air drier at the McDonald’s restaurant where we stopped again to warm up and have coffee.

Just as we thought we were riding out of the storms, it began raining again.  The gusty winds and low temperatures made today’s ride a real challenge.  It was so nice when we decided to give it up and settle for the night at Evanston.

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Super Dave and Eagle Eye aka the G…
Super Dave and Eagle Eye aka the …
Another Beautiful day to Ride ... …
Another Beautiful day to Ride ...…
photo by: clarity25