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As if following the voice calling us to the Atlantic, we begin our adventure

Several years ago we were traveling in Ocean City, Maryland when we came upon a road sign that indicated the distances from a few select citys.  Amoung the different locations was Sacramento California - 3073 miles.  We thought that was so preculiar that the sign would show Sacramento and not San Francisco, Los Angeles, or even Seattle.  Those cities are on the Pacific Ocean, and thus the furthest distance away from Ocean City which is located along the Atlantic Ocean.  Why Sacramento?  Why list just one of the cities located a couple hundred miles from the Pacific?  Well it turns out that Hwy 50 originates in Sacramento California, and ends at Ocean City Maryland.

Super Dave at the begining of the Journey...
  This became the basis of our adventure; explore this great country from coast to coast and discover all that waits for us along the way.  Thus began the inspiration of this adventure.  

A couple weeks ago we stayed in San Francisco Califorina, a city we love and enjoy located along the Pacific Ocean at the mouth of the Golden Gate.  The skys were blue, and the temperatures mild as usual for this time of the year.  Last week, we rode to the  begining of Hwy 50 for the purpose of taking a photo of the sign at Sacramento California that in addition to declaring the distances from other towns along the way, also indicates the distance to Ocean City maryland: apparently some 3073 miles away.  With the stage set for our journey, the guys plan to ride across the country on our motorcycles.  No chase vehicles and trailers tagging behind us to protect us.  Just 2-guys on 2-Harley Davidson Road King Classic motorcycles carring what we need and prepared to deal with whatever mother nature tosses our way.  For the purposes of this blog, our road names are Super Dave and the Grey Ghost.

We will start our journey on Friday, September 4, with the hopes of making it across this bearutiful country to the other end and arrive safe and sound at Ocean City.  This will be a dream come true as we will be richer from the experiences discovered along the way.  We will leave all behind to discover all that waits for us along the way.  For some, arriving at the destination marks the begining and signifies the start of the the vacation.  For us, the journey its self is the purpose.  Once we arrive in Ocean City we hope to continue along the Atlantic seaboard, traveling through the Carolinia's, Georga, and eventually into Florida.  Our journey back home to the west will include traveling along the gulf coast through Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and finally back home.  This adventure is expected to take us approximately 7000-miles all around this great country from coast to coast.  The guys blog will track the adventures that await Super Dave and the Grey Ghost... 


docjdc says:
Super Dave rides into any storm on his trusted Harvey Davidson but especilly likes the tornadoes. He taught me when a animal is on the road ahead to punch it and close your eyes, seems to work well.

Posted on: Sep 20, 2009
BlahzayOne says:
Your trip sounds like it is so much fun. I miss you here though. Love you so very much. Diane :)
Posted on: Sep 19, 2009
pabear says:
Vee...just wondered if you saw my comments under the photo at Bairoil, Wy ?
Superdave..I know that you did but did you check out the one under Sparks? Just a wonderin.
Posted on: Sep 06, 2009
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As if following the voice calling …
As if following the voice calling…
Super Dave at the begining of the …
Super Dave at the begining of the…
photo by: williamsworld