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So part two of my journey.


My decsion to leave balmoral and move down to edinburgh was a bit a random and out of the blue, one day i just woke up and decided it was time to keep moving. So off i went to Edinburgh, luckily for me i had made a friend who was working nearby balmoral so he offered me a lift back to edinbugh. and it was great heated leather seats... definatley beats a hard seat on the train. On arriving into edinburgh i was surronded by beauty, new people, old buildings and of course another castle. The first place i was taken to was harvey nichols... oh my... designer everything!!! not a place that everyday civillians like myself would go shopping, but it was nice to dream. So after going up what felt like fifty flights or escalators and seeing everything from a designer fork to socks we finally made it up to the resturant, and the view over the city was amazing, definatly worth checking out if you can. The food was awesome as expected and they make the best french martinis in the world!!!! Im yet to find a place that makes one better!!! and the best part- i didnt have to pay for anything. I decided that being my first night i was going to live it up, so i went and booked into a 5 star hotel.... possibly may have looked a bit odd, a backpacker staying in a luxorious hotel, but i didnt care i was there to have a good time. So once i settled myself in there it was off to the pub, for my first "walkabout" experience (its an aussie pub for those of you who werent sure.) It was just like being back at home, loud aussie accents coming from every direction, it was actually quite nice to hear all those aussie words again.... mate,  bogan, no worries!! So after a few beers it was time to wander back to the hotel, time for sleeping, tomorrow was a day for exploring!!

After spending a few days exploring the city, seeing all the sights and shopping at every given oppurtunity i decided that edinburgh was definatley where i wanted to be right now, the buzz and the atmosphere was just what i was looking for.

Endinbugh is a brilliant city with things to see everywhere, every street and every corner has a new surprise or a new adventure. If you ever go to edinburgh make sure you go on one of the night tours, just make sure you dont get picked as a volunteer, or if you do be prepared to get the absolute sh*t frightened out of you. But they are really fun and an interesting and different way to learn about the city.

Next on the agenda a quick holiday down to england, time to catch up with a mate and see some other parts of the uk.  (will continue later) :)

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