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My trip overseas got off to one very rocky start, 3 days before my departure my boyfriend of the time who was currently in the UK in Blackpool, decided he wanted to come home. So i was faced with the decision of staying here for him or going overseas..... and going by myself. Thankfully i decided to go. In the 2 days leading up to leaving i was in a mad panic trying to change my flights to go staright to Glasgow rather then Manchester. Fortunatly i have family in Scotland who were more than happy to have me while i settled into a very new and different country. My first few weeks were spent living in ayre, a very beautiful town on the coast. I lived with my grandmas sister and brother in law in there stunning house. After a few weeks it was time for a road trip to Balmoral Estate to meet some more of my family. The drive there was fantastic, i couldnt get over how big all the freeways are and the way there traffic lights work (the "get ready light" for those of you who have been there.) Heading to Balmoral you drive through some of the highlands, also stunning and for the first time i saw snow. We almost ran over a deer which was just standing in the middle of the road- there is alot of deer around. So after a few hours we made it to our destination. My cousins wife's grew up on the estate and there whole family works there. The 2 of them live in the gatehouse, a cute little house at the entrance of the estate. She is the manager of the Tearoom, and after a few days there with them she offered me a job. I was stoked!! The estate is one of the most beautiful places ive ever seen, the castle is just amazing, but then theres the gardens, the walking tours, the pony trecks, the list goes on!! So back to arye we went, packed my stuff and then headed back to balmoral. It took a good couple of days to settle in, and meet the rest of the gang. We lived in these cool dorms right next to the castle, There was about 15 of us young guns most travellers like myself but a few who also lived on the estate, we had so much fun, and we ran an absolute muck as im sure you can imagine. Our saturday nights were spent at the local town called Ballater, it has 3 pubs 1 of which is considered a nightclub. The nights were spent drinking to many pints of tennents, vodka soda and lime's and vodka and ironbru (scottish eqvilant to redbull.) We all worked 6 days a week so sundays were generally a little rough for most. Usually on a monday or tuesday afternoon we'd borrow one of the estate land rovers and head to abeerdeen to do some shopping, i finally learnt to drive a manual because every car over there seems to be a manual. Because the royals drive the land rovers when there up there, when we drove around the estate in them all the tourist would stop and stare, a few tourists even took photos which was funny, oh well it was a slight insight as to what it would be like to be famous. On my days off i would normally go on the pony trecks and help out the girls getting the ponies all ready in the morning, that was always heaps of fun, except for when you wash the pony and it shits on you- thats not fun.   The most memorable experince from Balmoral would have to be meeting the Queen, we all new she was coming up to stay at the estate for a few days- security just goes absolutly nuts!! We were preparing the Tearoom for the day when she popped in, it was all kinda a little surreal at the time, but she is a really lovely lady, she made an effort to say hello to us all and ask us where we were from and how we were finding working/living there etc etc.  So after my adventures at Balmoral it was time to head somewhere new. Edinburgh was the next port of call.  Will contine this in a separate blog.

But for anyone who is in scotland Balmoral is definatly worth checking out, and for backpackers its a cool place to live and work:)

euphemy says:
That is awesome to meet the queen! I am glad she was very nice and I'll have to tell my friend your story. :)
Posted on: Apr 24, 2007
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