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For many years I had dreamt of visiting Australia, from watching Neighbours and Home & Away as a child to listening to the amazing stories of friends and family returning from the land down under. In June 2008 I made a promise to myself and that promise was that not only would I visit Australia but I would do it completely by myself. I know to the more experienced traveller that really does not sound like a very big deal, but not only am a very inexperienced traveller having only visited Cyprus, Ireland and France but I am also what could be described as shy and find it awkward making new friends.... So to me it was a very big deal. When I first began telling people about my plans to visit Australia it was met with a lot of negativity, comments such as “you will never do that on your own” and “I bet you chicken out”, such comments upset me but at the same time made me even more determined that I would do this.

After negotiating a longer annual leave with my boss, who was very encouraging of my plans I decided I needed to book my flight just to make the adventure seem more real, I opted for a ticket with no refund option not only because it cost less but also to make sure I really couldn't change my mind, well not without losing £800 anyway. I also decided the more people I told the harder it would be to “chicken out”, just the thought of having to make up excuses of why I hadn't gone was enough to make me get on the plane. 

So with my plane ticket booked, my visa approved and my hard saving under way the adventure began...

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