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Well today was pretty hectic.  I flew from London overnight to Nairobi.  I didnt sleap that well on the plane as it was more crowded then my flight from Boston to London.  On top of that I was really exited so I dont think I would have slept anyhow.  I sat next to a kid that was from Boston on the plane.  He was going to Etheopia for the summer.  He is going to school to become an archeoligst. 

So we landed in Nairobi very early.....I think it was like 5:20am.  YUCK.  Anyways, we got off the plane and it was a little sketchy.  These guys were comming up to us and asking if we needed visa's for cheap, etc. etc.  I had already gotten mine befor I even left the states obviously so I didnt know what was up with that.

  Oh well.
  I was relieved when I had got through customs and got my pack.  I walked out and there was a guy holding a paper with my name on it so I left with him.  The traffic was horrible as we left the airport and headed downtown to where my hotel was.  Made it to my hotel by 9am, and he told me to freshen up and be in the lobby by 10am if I wanted to do a day tour with a couple girls from New Zealand.

I dont know where I got the energy, but I showered and got ready and was in the lobby by 10.  We left the hotel and did a quick tour of the city.  Then we drove to Daphane Sheldwicks orphanage for baby elephants and rhinos.  That was pretty cool, we got to watch the baby elephants get fed and learn about them.

  Then a little baby rhino came running out and we got to play with him.
  He loved the attention I think because he was showing off. 

After we left there we headed off to the Giraffe center.  That was cool because we got to hand feed them and pet them.  They are very gentle animals.

Then we left there and went to an African Cultural Center for lunch and watched some traditional african dance.  It was really amazing, and beautiful.  I liked it alot.  At the same place we walked on what was kind of like a nature trail with different villages set up along the way to represent diferent tribes.  It was pretty cool.

On the way back to the hotel, the Presidant of Kenya's motercade stopped all the traffic as he drove by us on the way to his home.  We saw him drive through the gates of his house and watched the gates close.  It was exiting.

I got back to the hotel and was exhausted......  I took a hot shower and went to sleap.  It was a good first day in Africa.

cordobazo says:
Did you book a travel package? flight, hotel and tours included? how many countries did you visited and for how long did you travel in Africa?
Posted on: Oct 14, 2009
Mansimo says:
... Indeed was a good day ! African Cultural center we call it " Bomas of Kenya " another term for our homes in Kenya !
Posted on: Jun 27, 2009
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