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The odd first loop of the Texas Tornado

Also in Amarillo is Wonderland Amusement park, next to Thompson park and a zoo. This park is what you would build if you had a big back yard and about $12.00 to spend on old carnival rides. Not only did the park open at 1pm, they didnt even begin to sell tickets to get in until 1, and weren't in much of a hurry at that either. Before 1 there was some type of music talent contest going on in the back of the park. So Wonderland seems to be home to old rides bought from bankrupted carnivals and 'big' rides made by OD Hopkins, a company famous for bringing the term 'lowest bidder' to a new level. Their rapids ride was barely a truck tire with six plastic seats glued on and no seat belts. The boats made an elevation change of about two feet.

Tornado turnaround and their chutes ride
From above it looked like the ones you make in Rollercoastertycoon. There were two small rollercoasters, typical in county fairs,  and the Texas Tornado, which had two odd looking loops and didn't open until two. By the time it did open, I still had all my tickets, since nobody would take them. There was no line for the biggest ride in the park. The operator there was the only one who took my tickets the entire day, and like a true Texan wouldn't send the train until everyone gave him a big 'yeehaw!'. I was in the second seat. At the top of the lift, the car started shaking and there was this hideous crunching sound under the left hand side, like the track or a wheel had fallen off and we were going to go over. But nothing happened like that. Which was good, because it was time to head east again.





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The odd first loop of the Texas To…
The odd first loop of the Texas T…
Tornado turnaround and their chute…
Tornado turnaround and their chut…
the odd second loop of the tornado
the odd second loop of the tornado
cheesy raft ride
cheesy raft ride
the raft ride from above
the raft ride from above
photo by: penxor
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