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So my day started with someone scratching on our tent and wispering for us to get up.  I was still a little foggy with sleap to realize that it was our new Masai warrior friend waking us up just like we asked him to.  Hahahaha, how many people get that kind of wake up call?!?!

We got ushered into this small jeep like vehicle and off into the dark we drove.  The roads were bumpy like you couldnt even imagion, and I was tired and feeling like this was the worst idea I had ever had.  All that changed though when we came to a meadow and saw these 2 huge colorfull balloons being filled as the sun was comming up in the horizon.  It was breathtaking, and all my reservations about waking up early were dismissed.

We got loaded into the balloons and we lifted gently off the ground and started sailing over the most beautiful landscape that I have ever seen.

  Everyone was quite and all you could here was the fireing of the balloon.  Giraffe, Elephants, and even a pride of lions were just some of the animals we saw below us.  It was truely an incredible experiance.

As we floated to a gentle landing, we got out and were treated to an amazing champaign breakfast with the wildlife all around us.  We were each issued a flight certificate, and then we got into our little jeep open top vehicles and proceded to go on a game drive.

I could not believe how close we got to the animals.  Even to close maby.  Hahaha, an Elephant charged us, and we had to take off.  It was super cool!  We saw all sorts of stuff, but the Elephants and Lions were by far the coolest.  I got some great photos of lions.

  Especially one lioness with her three cubs is my favorite.

Later we went to the main gate of the reserve where we met up with the main tour buss.  (Some people didnt go on the balloon ride.)  We all got back togather on our buss and headed off for another game drive.  We were lucky enough to see a kill.  Some lions had killed a buffalo and were less then thrilled to have us around.  I think they were waiting for us to leave so that they could eat. 

We also stopped at the Masai River where all the wilderbeast cross during the great migration.  It was amazing standing on the banks of the exact place that I have seen on tv and in national geographic.  There were hippo's and crocodiles here too!  We had to go with an armed guard just in case.  That was very reasuring.  Hahahaha.

By the time we got back to camp I was exhausted so passed out quickly.

linet_linet says:
Sounds awesome.
Posted on: Mar 04, 2014
kaya81 says:
Really good read
Posted on: Jun 28, 2009
gimpel says:
great trip you made,cool pics.
Posted on: Jun 26, 2009
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Masai Mara
photo by: Swedesurfer