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Today was a very long day.  We woke up very early and met up at the Boulavard Hotel in Nairobi where we boarded the buss that was to be our home for two weeks.  It was a very long driving day today.  We stopped to pick up supplies and then proceded to drive to the "Great Rift Valley."  The view was quite amazing, and I got a cool photo of a guy making hats from sheeps wool.  We basicly drove non stop today and got to our camp around 7pm.

Our camp was pretty cool.  It was pre-set up tents that were covered and set up like a small village.  We were on Masai land, and there were Masai warriors guarding our camp.  I met a kid named Will that is from Idaho.

  We got along really good and decided to be roommates.

After we got settled we met up with everyone for some drinks at the camp bar.  Then back to the tent to pass out.  As we were falling asleap, there was this loud noise outside the back window of our tent and sounds like I have never heard!  We fumbled to unzip the tent and go outside to check out what that noise was and ran face to face with a Masai Warrior.  Hahahahaha, It scared the hell out of me!  We asked him if he heard any noise, and he started smiling soooooo big and all he could say was "Monkey! Monkey! Monkey!"  What a night.  Welcome to Africa was all I could think to myself.

He went on to show us his bow and arrows, his spear, and his lion claw that he wears around his neck.  He spoke enough english for us to understand his stories though.  I guess as they enter manhood they have to kill a lion.  Its one of their traditions.  It was kind of cool hanging out with a warrior I guess.  I never did it befor.  :)

Befor we went to bed we begged him to wake us up tomorow because we have to get up at 4am to go hot air ballooning over the Masai Mara Reserve.  Im going to be soooooooooooooooooooo tired.

Africancrab says:
I enjoyed your, blog very much, thanks for sharing
Posted on: Feb 28, 2010
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Masai Mara
photo by: Swedesurfer