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We left Gunnison at 4PM exactly and crossed the state line into Utah around 6:30PM. The sun set on us somewhere close to 9PM, but the bit of Utah I saw was… not able to be described in one word. Everything out there is so big and so empty… melancholy almost. It makes you feel very small and insignificant, like an insect crawling along, watched by but uninteresting to the ancient rocks and sky of southern Utah. I feel like I should be thinking deep thoughts, letting all the things I know and don’t know blow about inside my head, brushing against one another, crumbling, eroding, crossing lines, becoming new and more beautiful, like wind and rain and time have eroded and crumbled the landscape in Utah. Nature brushed away the earth there, revealing the subtle, wonderful inner workings of time that are recorded in the colored layers of rock and sand that form the mountains.

Utah is not a sad place, exactly. It is just patient and quiet and solemn… it almost seems that the mountains wear a Mona Lisa smile. The land there knows so much that we don’t. It has stood and observed the world for centuries. In Utah one can get a good grasp of the enormity of time.

You do not merely travel through Utah, you experience it while it travels through you. You may feel as if you are tiny and unimportant to the hills and mesas, but that is only because they, in all of their ageless wisdom and patience, saw into your soul through your awed eyes and read you in an instant. They are not disdainful, simply bigger and older and wiser than you.

Yes, melancholy would be the closest I could come to describing the state of Utah in one word. Melancholy and beautiful.
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