Nairobi, Kenya. Last day befor I leave on tour.

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Today was a pretty cool day.  I woke up early, (I slept like a baby last night!) and got something to eat.  Then I went upstairs to go to the spa.  I decided that a nice steam would rejuvinate me.  Well to make a long story short, the spa in this hotel was like no spa I have ever been to in my whole life!  Not that much steam at all, and it took forever to get even a little warm.  Forget it.  Hahahahaha. 

The bright side though is that while the lady was getting me change.  (Which took about 20 minuts.)  I was talking to this other girl that worked there.  I asked her what there was to do around here that I could do in just a couple hours because I had to be at a meeting at a different hotel here in town at 5pm.

  She asked me if I was scared to go on a moterbike, and I said no.  I had been on moterbike taxi's in Thailand, and China, so I wasnt scared.  She called her boyfriend and within minutes he was waiting downstairs for me.  She told me to come let her know how I liked.  I promiced I would and then off I went.

We flew through town.  I like riding on a moterbike because you can cut through all the traffic and you save a tun of time.  We headed out of the city and tword Nairobi State Park.  They have a "walk through" safari you can go on.  Its kinda like a zoo thats for animals that are getting ready to go back out into the park.  They were being rehabilitated for all sorts of stuff.

We had our own private tour guide that escorted us around.

  I got to feed monkeys, and had this one little monkey climbing on my wrist and trying to eat my bracelet made from beads and shells.  I dont think he liked it to much!  Then I got to go into a cage with a cheetah.  Im sure it is not normaly alowed because the guards kept watch for their boss I think befor they ushered me into the cage.  I got to take some photos with it and pet it.  It was crazy how loud they purr.  What an experiance.

After we exited the park, I danced with some Maisi Warriors, we got some water and then took off back to the hotel.  It was truely amazing.  I had a great time. 

I went upstairs to thank the girl for hooking me up.  She was exited to see my photos.

After I left her, I got changed and headed to the Boulavard Hotel for my pre-departure meeting.  It was a little confusing, but I just sort of went with it.  Everybody on the tour was cool, so I was exited.  We left the next morning at 6am.  I would soon discover that was sleaping in!  My regular days would start normaly around 5am every day.  YUCK!   Needless to say, after the meeting I went out to eat with Adam and Ashley  who are from Austraila but living in London now, and Jay from Texas, and Trina from England.  I totally went to crash after that to get ready for my big day.

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photo by: easyjobrob