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Can you see the sand and the distance between the fence and the ocean? Well that wasnt there the last time I went there (2009)

What´s Mancora?

Mancora is a town located in the north of Peru, more then 1000 km from Lima. There are some beaches you can stay for different purpouses.

For Me? I went over there to scape from the crowed City of lima, and from stress of work and why not to tell it? To Think and analize the 2005.

Why I say you can go over there for different purpouses??

Well if you wanna go to some place to filrt girls/guys... you can go there, the night life is kind of interesting....

If you wanna learn to surf.. you can go over there, you dont need anything, you can get all....

If you wanna find a quiet place, you can go over there and get a tan at the same time...

If you have luck you will find surf contest, of different level. Yeah I stayed with my oppened mounth for a couple of time, looking at little kids surfing pretty well.

Mancora Town
(the girls won... by the way... :D  )

I would recomend to find a hostel or a resort near the main beach, because it will be located near the principal street, shops, restaurant and few blocks away from the food market. There are a some of exlusive, and bigger resort but are a little far away.  The trouble with that is that you will ever need to take a taxi to go the pubs, or restaurants.

There are alternatives kind of restuarants.... seefood, pizzas, sushi, and veggy food. Yeap for all the wishes.

I stayed at Buena Vista resort, and I really recomend it. It is a nice place, very clean, quiet and very close for everywhere.

YES I miss mancora !!!!!!!


Oh yeah the tips

a) If you will go by bus, the station is right there in Mancora. The bad thing is that it takes sooo long !!!!!.

Private beach???? it looks like. I couldnt do that on 2009, because the water was so close to the Plants that I couldnt put a chair or my towel :(
 if you decide to take a flight, remember you might go to Piura, and then take a cab, bus or a little van. Taxis are around 150 soles, Bus 4 soles and the van (little busses) are around 25  soles each. It will be up of the time to spend on the roads..... Try to go during the morning, it will be much better. But avoid the midday, it is very warm there and might be lucky to get a transportation with A/C

b) If you decide to go in rainning season (it doesn rain so hard, just couple of hour) do not forget to take your repellent.

c) If you decide to try the Ceviche for first time and dont like spicy food, ask to get Ceviche and the aji in a little dish, then you will be able to mix as you wish.

d) If you tried the Ceviche, it is a town you could try lobsters and ceviche de conchas negras (black shell ceviche). It taste very ñami !!!!

geerbox says:
I've eaten them in Ecuador and Lima, but I really don't think they are super special. Well I'll try them in Mancora sometime and make sure they open them in front of me.
Posted on: Jan 18, 2010
kerisina says:
You should try that !!! but make sure they open the shell in front of you. There are 2 places I ate black shells and were very tasty.. At the little market in Mancora and in the market in Ecuador. There were so different prepared, but very tasty.
Posted on: Jan 18, 2010
geerbox says:
Not really a fan of conchas negras, but I hear they are good in the north of Peru, so maybe I should try them?
Posted on: Jan 18, 2010
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Can you see the sand and the dista…
Can you see the sand and the dist…
Mancora Town
Mancora Town
Private beach???? it looks like. I…
Private beach???? it looks like. …
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