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The final leg of the journey what else could go wrong.  My freind came to pick me up and we headed out to pick up one of my little cousins, then she dropped us off at the train station in Wouburn MA.  I completely forgot the Downeaster stops at this station, so we were incredibly early.  I was still thinking we had to go all the way to Boston to get on the train, I was wrong.  So I purchased our tickets and now we wait.  Luckily it wasnt too bad we only had 1 hour or so before the train arrived.  Once we got our luggage stored and settled on the train I realized I left a whole bunch of stuff at my aunts, I hate mornings.  The train ride was nice, compared to the bus it is luxury.  It only takes about 2 hours to go from Boston to Portland and the trains were running on time so that was a plus.  We grabbed something to eat in the snack car and just watched the scenery pass by for the rest of the time.  Once we got into Portland I didnt see my father anywhere so I called my house thinking my little brother would be home, he was not.  So I called his cell phone and my dad answered said they were just going to be a minute and they were almost there, so we waited outside as it began to drizzle slightly.  After about 30 minutes I called back to see where they were turns out they were still pretty far down the highway, so we moved inside where it was dry.  45 minutes later they pulled up, we got our bags in the car, and we left.  Finally we were on our way home, and we should be there in just under 2 hours.  Wrong!  I do not know what possesed my little brother to take the "scenic route" but we did.  My cousin and I were soo tired all we wanted to do is get some sleep, and now we just added another hour onto our trip.  To make things more exciting my little brother is learning how to drive, so he does not have the full concept of looking before you pull out into traffic, and this almost caused an accident.  Despite being incredibly tired I almost kicked him out of the drivers seat and in the back when we stopped to get something to eat, after we got back on the road however I ended up falling asleep.  I didnt even uppack when we got into the house I went straight for my bed, and when I woke up, I woke up with a sinus infection, and I am still sick.  I have been slowly getting things done today, for example this last journal entry I can now cross of my to-do list.  Why is this important, because in 2 days I will be leaving again to go to the lake, and a week after that I will be going on a road trip to California, so it is a busy month.  Hopefully the next 2 trips will go more smoothly than this one.
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photo by: mrgishi