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So the 3 of us have finalized our route, there is alot more we would like to see, but it will have to wait untill another time.  Our first stop will be in Merdian, CT, so my cousin can make a quick appointment for a tattoo, Then Rocky Hill, CT.  This is the location of Freinds of Dinosaur Park.  I am hoping this si the same place I stopped at as a child, they have actuall dino foot prints fossilized in the rock, who would of thought dinosaurs were in CT.  East Haddam, CT, will be next there is a park here with a structure called Gillette Castle, it looks intersting and it's on the way so we thought why not.  Groton, CT, is next we will be visiting the submarine base and the USS Nautilus.  After that it's ont to Bridgeport, CT, so we can check out the P.T. Barnum Museum, I have only been to the circus once as a baby Im not even sure I liked it I was so young but P.T. Barnum knew what he was doing; also in the area is the grave of Tom Thumb.  Then finally we will Pull into Phily!!!

We plan on trolling around the city for the rest of the day.  Hopefully hitting up Eastern State Penn, The Mutter Museum, Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell, The Site of Tunn Tavern, and The Rocky Balboa statue.  I also found a ghost tour of Phily we are hoping to catch.

On the way back we will be heading home via Atlantic City so we can check out the board walk.  Princeton junction is also on the list, this is the landing site for the martians in War of the Worlds, the radio broadcast not the movie.  We need to kill enough time so that we wont be waiting around forever in NYC.  We are hoping to get here just a little bit early so we can find parking, and stop at this resturaunt called Ninja New York.  I saw this place on the Travel Channel and it looks amazing, so I will have to write a review.  You are served by ninja's, and they jump out at you from everywhere I am so excited about this place.  Once we are done with dinner we are just heading back to New Hampshire, unfortunately once we are finished eating and by the time we get to MA, it will be to late to see the Lizzie Borden House, so that to will have to wait for another time.

All that's left now is to make sure everything gets packed later tonight, and we will be all set to go on Friday morning, Phily here we come!!!!!!!

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photo by: jamartin39