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We arrived in Naga City at about at about 5.30am (??).  Apart from the hypothermic AC conditions, the bus ride went fairly smoothly with a couple of rest stops here and there.  We were then to go to the Provincial Capital Complex where my friend worked at the municipal office.  It's a HUGE compound where the ecovillage, governor's mansion (which serves as a guest house), eco lodge and cabanas, function halls and the Camsur Watersports Complex are all located.  Our transfer had already been waiting for us and another group of passengers.

It was all sunny on the way to the Complex, but by the time we got to check in less than half an hour later, there were already clear signs that the storm was indeed coming.  My friend met us and introduced us to some of the people she worked with.  We all had breakfast by the cabana and spent half the day there since the rain had already started pouring down in torrents.  Oh well, as expected.  There wasn't much else to do but bum around some more and let our asses get wider, intoxicating ourselves with cigarette after cigarette, coke after coke, as we sat through the entire storm. 

Good thing we had some entertainment in the form of aspiring teenage models and their gender bending handlers.  The Kaogma Festival was happening in two weeks and part of the festival was a Bicol-wide teenage pageant.  They happened to have the final screening that day right, and right there.  It was genuinely fascinating watching the handlers doll up their girls, clad in ill-fitting swimsuits (one of them was even wearing a bra in lieu of a bikini top), and retouching their make-up literally every 5 minutes.  It was unbelievable too, how they would escort them everywhere they went, even going as far as holding up umbrellas to prevent them from getting wet as they would walk 3 steps across an uncovered path towards the bathroom.  Deep down, we felt much pity for the girls.  Though some were enjoying it, it wasn't hard to tell the others were being pushed some family member or another.  C and I didn't didn't feel too good making fun of what what taking place before us, but we were stuck there with nothing better to do.  It just couldn't be helped.  Hee.

The rain finally let up for a while as the eye of the storm hovered above us, so we decided to make the most out of it and took off for a while to check out the place while we could.  Like I mentioned, the place is huge.  We walked past the pond and the aviary and over to the other end where the governor's mansion was where we would be spending the night.  At the end was the function hall and over at the other side were the container villas.  The Watersports Complex was a ways off, you'd have to drive there.  Didn't have time for that since it was still under construction.  After our little exploration, we decided to shower and bum around the mansion before it started raining again.  We did nothing much the rest of the day.

blurbmoi says:
the pageant seems real entertaining, heehaw!
Posted on: Sep 23, 2008
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