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Today is another day in Montreal. Wake up to a good start in the morning. Head downstairs to the breakfast room of the hotel. A good breakfast is provided here. Eggs, Bacon, Toast and cereal and fruit are provided and its really really good.

Then we head out for another adventure on the city. First going to walk around the Campus of McGill University, one of the best schools in Canada.
This area is very big and has many many historical buildings, a great symbol of fine education excellence in Canada.

Then we do a quick walk down St. Catherine St and go into the St Catherine St mall or some mall on that street. Only walk in for a few minutes as its shopping and no one likes to shop, boring.

Leave the mall and walk down to Old Montreal, which from my other blog is an amazing area full of great history.
A quick run down of this area:

Old Montreal (or Vieux-Montréal in French) is the oldest area in the city of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, dating back to New France.

Located in the borough of Ville-Marie, the area is usually thought of as being bounded to the west by McGill St., to the north by Saint Antoine St., to the east by Berri St., and to the south by the Saint Lawrence River.

Old Montreal itself is a major tourist draw; with the oldest of its buildings dating to the 1600s, it is one of the oldest urban areas in North America.

In the eastern part of the old city, near Place Jacques-Cartier, are found such important buildings as Montreal City Hall, Bonsecours Market, and Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours Chapel, as well as preserved colonial mansions such as the Château Ramezay and the Sir George-�tienne Cartier National Historic Site of Canada.

Architecture and cobbled streets in Old Montreal have been maintained or restored to keep the look of the city in its earliest days as a settlement, and horse-drawn calèches help maintain that image. Finally, the old town's riverbank is completely taken up by the Old Port (Vieux-Port), whose maritime facilities are surrounded with a vast recreational space with a variety of museums and attractions.

You can see as a common sight, many horse and buggies all going around this area, very neat.

From here we go to the Notre Dame Cathedral, which is a very old church in Montreal, full of history. We didn't go to it last time in Montreal, so this time make up for lost time. Inside its really nice and grand, lots of people in Mass and many Candles as its Catholic church.
Outside are many horse and buggies lined up for all to take a ride around this wonderful city.

From here we decide its now lunch time, so we walk up to St Catherine st and return to a restaurant we went to the year before, Venus and Flytrap. Lunch today is served by some waitress who is a bit chubby and you can see her boobs quite well which are kinda tattooed.
I order a turkey sandwich and beer which are still quite amazing and go down quite well. While we are eating this strange man off the street with a white mask over his head and was wearing a garbage bag as pants enters the building. He is very stinky as we can smell him from across the room.
The staff immediately dispose of this wrongful person, and send him on his way again.

From here we head back to hotel for an afternoon siesta. Tonight is the big game, of hockey with Montreal vs Toronto.

Afterwards we head out for dinner back to Bishop St and go to Mckibbin's pub for some food. We order wings and chicken fingers and Guinness for din din and it goes down well.

From here we head to the Bell Centre and get in to go watch the game tonight. We arrive early to get to our seats, which are rinkside, check my photos. Its an amazing experience sitting there as I paid alot to be there,but worth it.

The pregame warm up starts and all players are on the ice and the crowds are going wild.

Anyways, I won't do a play by play of entire game, it was good close game. Habs almost won, but at last period with 3 minutes to go, the score was tied 2 all and the Toronto Maple Leafs score a goal and win, its a great win for the ever losing Leafs.

From here we leave the game, with many people in the streets yelling at each other, mainly Leafs fans yelling at Habs Fans quite funny.

We go for a quick beer at some pub near Hurley's pub on Bishop st. It goes down quite well, as its hard to find a place to drink tonight as every bar is packed and loud.

Call it a night and head back to hotel as we have early morning start to get to Quebec tomorrow.

My next blog on this is about our 4th day of our trip, and our return to Montreal.
stay tuned!

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photo by: cvanzoen