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Have had suuuuuuuuuuuuuch an awesome time here in Chiang Mai! I really like the atmosphere of the city and the people are so warm and friendly.

Our first night here we went to the night market which is pretty big and had soo many things I wanted to buy!! But didn't get anything as I wanted to see in on my first night.


The next day Diana (friend who worked for YFC in Geneva quite a while ago), her cousin and her aunt met us to go for a day tour that Diana had organised. It was so awesome to see her after so long!! :) The tour was brilliant too! First we went to an elephant curcus where we saw them play football and Linz & I got an elephant massage (photos to be uploaded later)!! Next was an elephant ride! Cassie & my elephant was quite slow and fell behind the others..... until it saw some chickens on the road and started chasing them! What a character ;)

After the elephants we went on a bamboo raft down a tranquil river with beautiful hills around us and elephants grazing on the slopes next to it. I got to push it along for a bit :D Then we went on an oxcart ride which i loved! The cart was made of wood and it was beautiful watching the traditional wooden cart wheels rolling (am I a mech eng geek? hehe) 

We had a yummy lunch. I tried a 'coconut cake' which was a coconut soup with some kind of chewy gelatinous transparent berry-sized things floating in them. No idea what it was but very tasty ;)

Then we went to an oorchid farm with Mum, Amy, Lisa would have loved! The flowers were soooo beautiful! You all have to visit Chiang Mai! They also had jewellery made from real orchid flowers coated with glass. It was also a butterfly farm and I braved one cage only to run out again when I saw a butterly the size of a small sparrow! :O But I looked at it from outside :)

We went to a silk factory where we saw how they grow the silk worms, how they make cocoons... and how they are boiled to kill the moths before they emerge from the cocoons by eating the silk. I loved the traditional wooden looms.

After we went to a parasol-making atelier. It was amazing to see how fast the craftspeople carved the spokes from bamboo sticks using a sharp knife. I was sure they would cut their fingers as they pulled this incredible knife towards their hands. Realy nice shop and Diana's Aunt got the most beautiful butterfly design painted on her shorts by one of the artists who paint the parasols.

Our hotel is really nice and we went for a swim in the pool before heading out to the Sunday Walking Market (I highly recommend this for any future visitors!!!) and the 6 of us had a foot massage at the night bazaar. :)


Day 2 in Chiang Mai, Diana, Katherine & Diane had left so we had a lot of discussion on what to do! Eventuall decide on a day trip to do mountain biking, elephant riding and white water rafting. Elephants were very fun. We each got lifted up on an elephants trunk! Strong elephant!! I loved the biking, it was just the right level for me and good to do something active after so much travel. Defintely worked up a sweat. And the gears on the bikes were very entertaining to work with!! ;) We had a little pause at lunch where we waited to join up with another group. Our guide "X" played a game with us with a punishment of facepaint for the loser of each round. We all ended up with black faces which I think surprised the other groups when they joined us ;)

The white water rafting was simply AWESOME! Our guides were hilarious, pushing us in, playing games, helping us splash the other boats, dunking us. Our boat made friends with the safety canooist and he took Linz down some rapids on the back of his canoo! :O It looked incredible! Apparently Linz has very good balance! ;)

In the evening we met up with a couple of people we met on the tour and went for drinks by the riverside. Very chilled. But pretty sleepy by then.

Anyways must dash! Flight to catch.

Lots of love to all,

Lainey, Linz & Cassie

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Chiang Mai
photo by: Stevie_Wes