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Frankfurt Central Station
What can you do in 11 hours?
For instance, you could sleep late. You could work overtime. You could be on a plane from Europe to Asia. You could cross half of Europe by car.

You could also travel from my place near Frankfurt, Germany to Cala Ratjada, Mallorca/Spain.
Flight time: 1:45 hour. Being transfered to airport and from airport: 8 hours and 15 minutes. Yikes!

So today me and three of my friends are going to Mallorca.
Everybody has been there a couple of times... so it's kind of a routine haha...

It really sucks to be on the road for almost half a day for a 1:45 h plane ride... *sigh*
But what you gonna do... you have to make the best of if!

We took the 2:15pm train to Frankfurt.
Just behind Frankfurt Int'l
Takes about one and a half hour to get to the airport. Transport connection to Frankfurt Int'l airport is quite convenient from my place, at least during day time.
The plane took of at around 7 pm and arrived in Palma de Mallorca at around 9 pm according to schedule.
As this was a all-inclusive tour, the bus transfer to the hotel was included.
The shuttle bus of our tour operator was waiting directly in front of the exit, very convenient.
You should see the shuttle bus parking lot of Palma's airport! It's huge! More than a hundred busses waiting to bring thousands of tourists to their hotels.

Well, we had to wait for over an hour, because the bus driver had to wait for two people from another flight! *grrr!*
Not only we had to wait so long for the bus to leave, no, the bus also stopped like a million times at different hotels in different towns to deliver all the tourists!
So the trip to our hotel took over two hours! Isn't that crazy? 1:45 hours flight time for 1600km, 2:20 hours bus trip for 60km!

The reception desk clerk gave us two rooms on ground floor opposite pool area, which we didn't like.
So we upgraded to better rooms on highest floor. Really beautiful ocean view from up there! (Well, we couldn't see it then, because it was dark...)

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Frankfurt Central Station
Frankfurt Central Station
Just behind Frankfurt Intl
Just behind Frankfurt Int'l
Is this the Mont Blanc?
Is this the Mont Blanc?
Cala Ratjada
photo by: Kurisu