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Vueling Venice-Madrid, just took off from Marco Polo Airport.  Sad because i left beautiful and magical Rovigno, a diamond in the Istrian peninsula on the Adriatic coast. My home for two months, Rovinj (in Croatian) just blew my mind away.  I am in love with the old city, the superb Mediterranean food and most of all with its people.  Every day i indulged myself either at Corrente Park or Sta. Katarina Island.  Every day with my own bike, i discovered a new and magical spot in the city.  Once i rented a scooter and went to the twin city of Porej, where one of the World masterpieces of Byzantine mosaics are.  The Basilica was built on 40DC roman mosaics which i saw at the local museum.  The mosaic from the 8 century are stunning.  With enormous eyes the religious motif and saints just talk to you every time you look at them.  Porej is more “international” because i saw global brands in shops and restaurants.  I visited also the Porej Aquarium where I could observe Adriatic marine life in a well-displayed facility. The Istrian countryside is interesting and different.  No mountains in the coast, just small hills that go into the sea.  Olives and grapes are predominant.  No cattle or sheep.  The Lim Fjord which i had already visited by boat, is really a natural wonder and is very well protected.  Vrsar a small town is also special and is located near Valalta, the biggest nudist camp in the Mediterranean.   German, Austrian, and Italians live here for months hippy style. 

            Bruno’s Bar was the perfect spot meet to Croatian people, which i did.  Goran, my best friend, a nice and honest man, introduced me to all his circle and suddenly i became one of them.  My last month has been impressive… I went to the U2 concert in Zagreb, with Sanjin and Goran, brothers and very good people.  Sanjin is a Croatian rock singer and musician. He has a band, i have his music.    We also went to see Dino Merlin, a very famous and legendary pop singer.  We saw the concert at the Pula Arena, the roman amphitheatre.   Nice sound, nice lights, terrific and very beautiful people.  So far the place where I saw stunning Croatian women.  Back at Bruno’s, finally I bent in with the Croatians and had a great time everyday at the bar.    I also new other friends for a crazy Saturday night rock party.  As Mario, the owner told me, I was from Guatemala then I was unique at Rovinj… After some social misunderstanding, I was accepted in the group, and had a great follow up with men and women.  I see Croatian society, traditional in family values.  With all working on the same business, and respect a lot each other and also foreigners.    I taught them to drink cucarachas, and that was my best move.  They just love it!  They will remember me good and I know I have to come back here again.  Goodbye and farewell beautiful Rovigno...

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Rovinj Hotels & Accommodations review
Great hotel in near Correntes, you can walk by the sea and the sailboats and Yachts. Nice restaurants and the best supermarket in Rovigno.
photo by: Paulovic