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Our Camper in France, But a nice pic anyway

Finally it's all settled, we're really going to Ireland. I've been wanting to go there forever. Irish culture is everywhere to be found. For example the hobbit culture in the lord of the rings is much like it, they say. So I want to see for myself ofcourse. The planning for now is to ride to Ireland trough England, actually we can't change that anymore, the boats are already booked. We bought our tickets at the Vacation Happening, (see another blog), for they are much more cheap there. Other options to get in Ireland are the following, By direct boat from France, and going to England by train. Both are more expensive than going with two boats. One to England, one from England to Ireland. I like to sail, so it's really just an 'extra'. As for our first preperations, we have planned when to pick up the camper. It belongs to family, so luckily we are able to borrow it. It's important to have it about a week before you leave, you'll need to put your stuff in, and give everything a proper place. That's also a good thing from campers, you don't have to stuff expensive clothes in a bag, ther's a wardrobe for longer coats and dresses. And I would almost forget, a guitar. It might seem strange to take such a big instrument with you on a holiday, but a guitar is great to have around when stuck on a boring camping;)

sylviandavid says:
sounds so great...
Posted on: Feb 19, 2010
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Our Camper in France, But a nice p…
Our Camper in France, But a nice …
photo by: esthermalta