booooo Travbuddy!,.... and in other news, i smell fantastic.

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I wrote a nice long entry and travbuddy went on the fritz just as I was posting. so now I just have highlight notes to write. Hopefully i will get to flesh it out later:
Monday: Travel to BKK--> straight to airport. Put one bag in left luggage. THANK GD - now can travel much lighter
Fly to Phuket. WOW. beautiful even in overcast weather.... go straight to Patong (ich) and find chabad so can eat. YAY!
Chabad- order fried fish and get just that...a WHOLE fried fish. Scales, eyeballs, fins, teeth (yes, teeth) the works. Too hungry to care.
Ate it- was probably swimming in the ocean that morning. very tastey!

Monday night: sleep next door at israeli guest house called Ha-le-lu-ya guest house. 400 Bhat a night. So dodgy!
Tuesday Morning: Boat to Kho Phi Phi
Kho Phi phi- WOWOWOWOW sunny day so sky blue and water like three shades of green and blue. get a bungalow right on the beach. hire long tail boat. Visit a bunch of off shore beaches. so so soooo pretty. swim in lagoons. Take a bunch of pics that will never make it to facebook;) ;)
Tuesday night. Hang out on beach. sip something alcoholic out of a coconut. watch beach bars gear up for party. Fire dances. cool stuff!
Wednesday Koh Phi Phi: Scuba Diving and snorkeling. Get reallllly sea sick bc of choppy water. Eva got to go diving for the first time which was awesome.
Take ferry to Krabi
Realize should have gone to Ao Nang. Too tired and sea sick to get on another boat- so we take a cab to closer port. "taxi" to Railay is in a boat. haha couldnt avoid it!
Book room in nicer bungalow- tired of roughing it. Pool, ac, rugs, yay! Walk to Railay west. wow! so pretty. Railay rocks. No roads, no paved walk ways...just swaying palm trees, lots of beach, bamboo platforms and hot hot rock climbers.
Thursday: ROCK climbing! Awesome and terrifying at the same time. Scale 4 cliff walls. got up to 25M each. Hard work!
Chill out on beach after. Go for a crazy hike. Get rained on at the top. WHole way down is insanely slippery. Had to use ropes, hands, feet and lots of butt time to make it down with out killing our selves.
Wash off in the ocean. chill out on the beach. Overcast today- but doesnt matter. Still pretty. get two henna tatoos on my neck. dragon and a chinese character that means truth (or so they say).
Eva drags me to fancy spa for massage. Two for one deal day. get private bath in outdoor hot tub filled with herbs and oils. Just me, a lit pools, jets and a palm...oh and candles...lots of candles. (yes yes, i had a flower in my hair too- come on, i was goin gall out here!)
follow bath with lotus sented oil massage. helllloooooo wohooo! loopy lady. that was awesome. i dont think Ive been this clean in a long while (everything is coated in sand).
Next, walking down the dirt roat that seves as the main road. Find a "bar" (bar= bambo platform with pillows on the floor and hurricane lamps) order mojiot. not eating so alcholo hits ya a lot faster (what dd I eat today? one fizzer lolly pop. half a granola bar a piece of pineapple and two orange lots of water). yippiieee!
now checking mail. will copy this entry before travbuddy ruins another hour of hard work (and money!).
sniff i need some of this lotus blossom oil back home. I smell fantastic.

Eric says:
Aw, sorry that the post didn't go through :( Not sure how the internet connection in Thailand is, but in the future one thing you can try is hitting "Save Draft" every few minutes to save your progress. We'll work on adding an "auto-save" in the future, but again, sorry about your post :(
Posted on: Jul 16, 2009
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oh what a nutty day.

morning: wake up to find that all the cat friends we made outside our room (which looks out to a pool area) had been queing up all night to say good morning (who knew a package of starkist tuna could gain such love and adoration??) hello cats! No, you can not come in (this time).

pack. look at what was left of our meager food stuffs and decide, not even worth it. we are going to be in phuket in a few hours...we can wait for REAL food yay!

Go up the side of Railay beach to a small hut called the stone bar. Not sure if it should be called the stone bar or the stoners bar.

The stone bar is run by a thai guy named Tom. (Im sure thats not his real name, but thats what everyone calls him). Toms little coffee bar is located on the side of a cliff near a big cave covered in hanging vines and other jungle paraphanilia. entirely made out of bambo and local woods, Tom lives in an open air loft over the small bar down stairs.

we walked over there last night just to check it out. (When tom makes you coffee, he hand grinds the beans himself. we had heard lovely things about the coffee...) We met tom (dark, thai, huge dreds, covered in tattos, big smile. very thai hippy rastafarian like)who told us, when asked about opening and closing hours, that we could come any time- just call up to the loft. He will wake up.

anyway- back to this morning..

we get to the stone bar at 8:30. (our boat to take us to Phuket was slated to leave at 9:30). Tom is sleeping on one of his floor mats on the first floor. We didnt mean to wake him but it was so funny. this dude totally lives the chilled life. He hears us approach and opens one eye. turns over and goes back to sleep (btw, if you are imagining an old man scratch that idea...he cant be older than about 30). after another 2 min. he turns over, rubs his eyes and smiles at us. "thank u! U give me reason to wake up. I wake up now!" Tom says.

we giggle and settle in at the bar. Tom gets up (only dressed in fisherman pants. i dont know if he owns shirts). and goes through a slow routien...washes his face from a rain barrle, brushes his teeth...calls up to his friend/lover/room mate (who knows which? we couldnt tell) who stumbles out of some hidden bed above and also starts to wash up...but not before he does some bong right there in front of us.

oh shoot! I have to go..sorry peeps will continue this one later.




special shout out to Chabad of phuket for saving our butts and giving us food when we were ready to cry from hunger and the kitchen was alreadyu closed. (another be continued).

all is well! The islands are still amazing. we are staying at Kata beach for shabbos. cant deal with patong another day.