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Ok, I know this is SUPER random but...

Have any of you watched the movie the Money Pit with Tom Hanks?

There is a scene in the movie where Tom's character gets stuck in NYC and desperatly needs to get back to his house in LI. The only mode of transport the poor man can get is a hitch with a crazy Pizza Deliver Guy driving a VW that is COVERED in flashing lights and BLASTING rediculous songs from the radio.

When TOms character arrives at his house late at night, you see  the lights and and HEAR this crazy I AM A PIZZA song several seconds before the actual car comes into view on the screen.

The whole scene lasts aproximately 1 min. in the movie but has played itself out about a dozen times in my head over the course of my trip.

Why, you ask?

Simply put becuase some version of this scene seems to happen every time we get into a tuk tuk.

Let me explain...

Tuk tuks (my on going obession, i know:) belong to the drivers who shuttle them around South East Aisa. They are personal property and very often reflect the personality of the driver. I've seen tuk tuks covered in pictures of peoples families, Posters of the king and queen (Hattip to DU who so correctly noted "those Thai LOVE thier king!") flashing disco lights, stickers with cartoons, etc.

Now. For some reason, when ever eva and I hop into a tuk tuk at NIGHT the drivers seem to think we are bored and need entertainment.

"entertainment" is a combo of turning on LOTS of flashing red and green disc lights and BLASTING rock music. (think Britney spears, and Euro Trance with the tempo turned waaaayyy up:)

Early onset deafness here we come!

What makes this so funny is that this usually happens late at night so its really embarassing. When we were in chang mai, this happend and the music was so loud that when we would stop at a red light, the bar girls on the side of the road started dancing...

Recently, when we were coming back from phuket city our tuk tuk driver was especially enthusiastic and wanted to make sure we REALLy "enjoyed" our ride and put external speakers on so that the music projected infront of us before the vehicle actually covered the same ground.

 we turned heads and made the old people sitting in groups on the side of the road (playing dominos and chess, ususally) scowl and stare.

Fun, embarassing...and boy did I wish I new the Thai phrase for

Its not me, its my Tuk TUk diver!

I guess it could be worse,

The tuk tuk could be a VW and the music could have been "I am a Pizza" set to a trance beat:)



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How do you unpack when you get to your intended destination?

Do you unpack only what you need? Do you unpack everything and neatly fold it up on your newly aquired shelves? Or does your backpack mysteriously vomit everything its holding ALL over your bed the second you walk in the door?

Seriously. I cant tell you how many times on this trip I've gotten to my room and needed something I THOUGHT i packed near the top of my pack  only to find that is has some how traveled to the bottom of the bag, wedged itself in between my zip lock bag of dirty laundry and my mesh back of hiking socks (never used, dont bother bringing them) and folded it self up into such a small ball that it requires that I empty everything to find it.

The result is a bed/floor/toilet bowl (dont ask) that looks like my backpack has eated too much street food and has been sick all over the place. Does that happen to you? Or am I the only one?

Mind you, I am the queen of organized packing. THats what makes this so funny.

I can tell you exactly how to pack your shirts (dont fold them individually, lay them all out, one on top of the other. Line up the sleeves and fold them up all together like one big shirt- takes up less space and packs down tighter), how to weild the mighty zip lock bag so that it becomes your best friend (use them for everything-push ALL the air out before you pack them away), and where/ what toiletries you can put on double (or even triple) duty so that you ultimately pack less (tip: dove face wash cloths can work for your face and the rest of your body as soap. They stay dry, are MUCH lighter than regular suds and are very very portable).

 No matter. When I hit that bungalow/guesthouse/hotel room it all lands up on the floor.

A mystery of backpacking I suppose.

The upside of backpack hurling is that you

a: become very good at speed packing (it all needs to go back in eventually)

b: are very aware of your traveling inventory (if anything is missing you'll know)

c: you get to air out your laundry (ahh the smell of beach/garlic/socks/sweaty shirts/soap/ and elephants all rolled into one lovely aroma).


Im In LA. have been for just about 24 hours now.
Chillin and recovering from my THailand adventures.
Evas foot is still hurting and decided to revisit the doctor.
Guess what? her foot is BROKEN.
First we thought i might have happend since we first saw the Dr. in ChAN G mai as he didnt seem to think it was broken.
USA docotor said nope. It was broken back then...it even showed up on the Flims!
Aparently, the radiologist saw it and didnt bother to tell the doctor.
Oh my.
we have both decided that was for the best.
Better vacay because we didnt know (i know, I know...where are our priorities??).
So now eva is in an air cast boot and will be there for at least a month.
no surfing, no diving, no biking, no hiking.
good thing we did all of those things on the trip.
woops...was that a brag?

stay tuned for more stories.
I may be out of thailand...but Im not out of stories.
Need to get them all down before I forget!

photo by: Deats