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Ok. Im on the clock here so Im going to guesstimate where I left off in my last (interrupted) entry.
Basically, Tom took nearly an hour to make our coffee. He had to wake up. Brush his teeth, dust off the bar. Put out the teas. All the while chillin and talking to us. Two guys we have been bumping into on the island (its a small small area) Stephano and English Dude, walked passed us (stephano was the one who told us to go to the Stoner, er, stone bar). They were looking for cheep accomodations farther up the on the cliffs above us (the higher you  go, the cheaper the bungalows). Tom invited them over and told them they could sleep on his floor that night. No worries. All they needed to do was shower (they have been sleeping in fan cooled bungalows that only have sea water showers....(whats the point of a sea water shower, i wonder?). So off they went.

(total random side note. These dudes are chefs and have been traveling the world for a year and a half...they get jobs cooking as they go. what a life..im a wee bit jealous...except for the sea water shower part).

Meanwhile, Eva and I need to go. We dont want to make him go any faster
a. becuase this is too much fun to watch
b. its super chilled and beautiful
c. we just got over being sea sick and were in no hurry to get back on a boat to go to Phuket. (another island).

I did Nudge Tom (our boat leaves at 9:30 - hint hint hint!) a bit.
I got a "ooohhhh! No worries! Must leave soon then! (it was 9). Thai People on time. No good to miss boat! But good to stay in Railay beach. Phuket too busy. Railay F-Ckin chillin.
I couldnt agree more, but we needed to go.
No worries! I help you!
Tom hands me a hand grinder. Pours fresh roasted home grown beans into and hands it to me. You Break.
I make water.
So I broke. and broke and broke (ground, that is) until all the coffee beans were a fine powder.
The coffee was fantastic.
while we sipped we (the bar that is) picked up two more coffee drinkers. One half thai half norweagan kid (we've met a lot of half Thai visitors on our trip) and some other wacky dude.

We could have stayed there for much longer than we did...but as 9:20 rolled around we had to haul ass and get out of there.

Ran down down down the mountain to the bottom where our boat was...


go figure.
At least we got to pass a wild monkey troop as we made our way to our boat. fun!

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Posted on: Aug 27, 2009
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