How I saw Burma, Went back to Laos, and Missed a Drive by Chicken Murder all in one day

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Wednesday, July 8th

Eva and I took a long one day road trip (via organized tour) up to Chang Rai. Chang Rai a town/ provence in the far north of Thailand.

Our group was small and a lot of fun. There was a cool couple from BarTHalona (not sp), a hysterical couple from new Zeland (originally Burma) and us.

This was a quickie tour so everything was really fast paced. We got to see (what I think is) the prettiest Temple in Thailand. Its still being built, and is entirely made out of White stucco and mirrored mosaics. The buidling is one big piece of art complete with symbolisim everywhere. Its very cool and VERY photogenic!

Hop back on minivan (vehical of choice to shuttle tourists around) and are whisked away to the Golden Triangle (place where Thailand Laos and Burma come together). We hop on a boat which shuttles us around to the three different countries. Meet an older Israeli couple that is staying near our Guesthouse. Very friendly- we chat away in Hinglish and the Mrs. wastes no time...

Mrs. I to Eva (in a conspiritorial whisper) So, your friend...shes rrrraligous?

Eva: Yep

Mrs I: (still whispering) U think she would go out with an Isrrrrali boy? Leeve in Isrrrral?

Eva: Hm, I dunno - ask her

Mrs. I: She would date a boy with a Kippa Sruga

Eva: Lauging- i really dont know-why dont you ask her...shes really very open about stuff like that...

Meanwhile, i notices what was going on and took a picture of the goings on over my shoulder:)

Long story short, I gave Mrs I my phone number (nu, lamah Lo?)

I love it. Im in the middle of nowhere (middle of three nowheres,actually) and I'm still getting shidduch hasseled:)

 OK moving along we visit hill tribes.. eat lunch (well, the other couples eat. Eva has fruit and I contemplate my navel- no food for me!) head back home...its been a long day. The van lulls me to sleep and I drift off.

Wake up a few min. later to eva giggling in a horrified sort of way.

I am informed that I just missed a Drive by Chicken Murder!

I should explain that in this part of the world there are chickens EVERYWHERE. When you are outside a big city, you wake up to the sound of rooster crows. When you hike, that rustling in the jungle is more likely free roaming chickens from a near by village than it is its not a big deal to break for cows, water buffalo, ducks, goats or chickens.

Our driver, sadly did not see the chicken (who had a bunch of chicks left on the side of the road). one min. the chicken was crossing the road, the next min...she was no where to be seen. Eva was awake for the incident. Driver looked slightly disturbed but shruged and kept going. Eva was a bit more disturbed but thought the way the driver reacted was so funny that she was laughing away.

TO the  defence of the driver, we were on a twisty road and if someone had to go- id rather it be the chicken:)


my bus is here.

no witty ending about chickens crossing roads-

make one up your self!

good shabbos all





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Mae Sai
photo by: hoofinnit