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No sleep last night made for multiple naps on my way to CA. This worked out well because the movie United Airlines was playing (sadly, no personal screens for the budget traveler) was really, REALLY dumb. ( It had something to do with a blond chick who gets fat...or pretends to be fat. Not sure. I think I lost a few brain cells just trying to figure out what the plot of the movie was.)

Packed flight. Had a guy sitting next to me who kept scratching his stomach.  (Left side = me getting elbowed in ribs) . No matter. I  sought revenge by hogging the window (Cool pics taken with new camera!) and enjoying 5 hours of blessed sleep.


In Southern California now. The weather is PERFECT (sorry East Coasters:). Sunny, breezy, 70's.  Hanging out at Eva S's house. View of  green hills and rose gardens abound. Really could not ask for  more.

Rest of the Day: Salon stop, Pico, Shopping at Target. Popped into this cool grilled fish resturant for some "chips". All very exciting:)

Currently, Eva is pulling a "Miriam" and is not yet packed (as of 10:55 pacific time). I have been snookered into "helping her pack".
I'll have to move fast as there has been  serious talk of a morning jog on the beach and Coffee Bean to cap it off. Dont want to miss that!

So where is Miriam, you ask? Day two into her grand tour across the Pacific and she is STILL packing:)
WHile I fold underwear into small balls that get put into sandwich ziplock bags (we shall call that packing tip no#1:) I'll leave you with a Random Travel Tip:

 Go to a travel store (or Target) and buy a really cheap fleece blanket. Bring it on the plane. I did and it was SO nice. Warm soft and fuzzy, it as my own little slice of First Class travel. Made sleeing on a plane (and even  sitting next to a stomach scratcher) totally bearable.

Where will Miriam be tomorrow?
CA, Tokyo, and Thailand. Not bad for a day!

Stay tuned....

HeatherHop says:
wow what a journey!
Posted on: Jun 23, 2009
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TIP: Consider adding an international data plan to your BB or iphone when going overseas. I just did and am happy I spent the $24.00 to do so.
I still Cant call on the phone (well, I mean i CAN but it will cost me about 1000.00 a second) but now can check email whilst away.


TIp 2 (hattip Josh G). You can also get Skype for your iphone or ipod touch. With Skype you can access free wifi anywhere and make phone calls through your iphone or ipod and only get charged the skype amount. Cool huh?

How sad! Im a total product of the new millennium.

Meanwhile,  Project: Reserve a hotel room for Thursday -Sunday Night aint going so well.

For any of the BKK hotels, you need to e mail the front dest t and ASK them if they have any rooms available. BKK time is a lot like Chasidish time...which is a lot like "Mexico Time"...which is a lot like Small-village-in-Spain-Where-everything-Closes-for Siesta-Time. AKA, nothing is instant. No one has emailed me back. They WILL but it'll be too late.

SOOOO we'll start our trip the old fashion way: get off the plane in the middle of the night and go find a place to crash:)....Unless of course we meet someone along the way who owns a large villa in the center of town, or get a hot tip on where to go  OR one of my many room reservation requests kick in.

Who knows.
The point is, the adventure has begun!