I should be sleeping.

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Where is Leichtling? Lets start with where Leichtling ISN'T. Leichtling ISN'T in bed (though she should be because she only has about 4 hours to sleep).

Ahg! How does this happen? I always start off a trip with the best intentions. Pack early, be organized and enjoy the night before a big trip. Perhaps a bubble bath... Glass of wine in one hand, psudo-intellectual novel in the other. Dim lights. Scented Candles. White Album playing in the background (just the slow songs)...


Not in this lifetime baby. More like me,sitting on the floor in Pjs, procrastinating.
Chilling when I should be running. Blogging instead of deciding how many cans of tuna should I put in my wheelie and whether or not I REALLY want to take an extra box of Near East Rice. (Ah, kosher globe trotting).

OK OK, Focus. Packing. What do I have?

Malaria Pills, Check (hattip DU)
Cameras, Check (hattip YB)
Sleepy Stuff (hattip ZS)
Passport, Check
Clothing, Check
Toiletries, Check
Book-I-wont-Read-but-convince-my-self- that-I-need, Check
Food, Check (but not packed!)

Looks like Im all done, yay!... Oh wait. Where are my locks? Where are my sneakers..Where is my burner?  (Confiscated by a certain Commie Government last year. Damn.) Never mind. Not Done. Not even CLOSE to done. Can't even SPELL done.

Where is Leichtling at 1:24am? Packing!

Where will Leichtling be at 5:45am? On a bus. Which will take her to another bus. Which will (Hopefully) get her to JFK before 8:30am.

Think She'll make it? Stay Tuned!

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