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My flying saucer landed safely in Thailand! I made my way to Khao San Road area right away to meet my friend, Siska who had been waiting for my arrival. We got our butts in gear since that evening we were going to meet the coolest TB Bangkok girls that must have been my lost sisters in my past life and a retard guy from TB Holland. Bwahaha!


When we were about to leave the guesthouse, my phone rang and the infamous Jorrit aka allnamestaken aka the retard guy from TB Holland called me up! He informed me that he’s already in Khao San Road area but got stuck in the rain and didn’t know where to meet the other girls. So, he begged me to pick him up. Lol! So we made a quick decision and picked a spot to meet.


Siska and I made our ways under a torrential rain to the police station, the place that we have agreed to meet.

Why police station? Hmm, that’s probably because Jorrit got arrested by drinking too much the other night and I had to pay the bail to take him out! Lol! When I finally arrived at the Police Station, I couldn’t believe this weirdo guy was standing in front of me after probably more than 6 months we have been exchanging comments and emails and txt messages and chat on messenger. He’s not my CYBER IMAGINARY friend peeps! He’s real! Lol!


From the police station, we then went to Scoozie Pizza to meet Dodge and New! Afterward we headed to ROOF. We grabbed our drinks and had our dinner. At first everyone was just mellow out but when the alcohol KICKED IN, everyone (except me *cough*) got crazy! A good crazy of course and everyone enjoyed every bit of it!


Unfortunately, the fun night was forced to be ended early because an embarrassing incident happened in the middle of a fun party! Bwahaha!

Siska left early because she needed rest while Dodge and Aioh had to leave because Dodge’s car would turn into a pumpkin around midnight.

So the rest of the group met Nikie who came in late and mellow out at Buddy Restaurant.


Jorrit, Nikie and I went to Gazebo afterward to kill the time because Jorrit DIDN’T WANNA GO HOME yet! We grabbed our drinks, enjoyed the lousy live music and the chit-chat session. It was 4:30 when Jorrit finally gave up and wanted to head back home because he lost his bankcard! Hahahaha! We couldn’t figure it out how he lost it but he lost it! Lol!   


So, that was kinda the summary of my meet up with my good RETARD friends in Bangkok. It was a great one likewise! Love you guys lots!

rintjez says:
Dear, that's his expertise ya... losing stuffs. Lol!
Posted on: Jun 25, 2009
borneonikieta says:
I still cant believe he managed to lose his ciggies and bankcard at the same time... tut tut tut
Posted on: Jun 25, 2009
rintjez says:
@ Naj: We wished the same thing too babe!

@ Ratu : The incident can't be told in public. It's too embarassing! Haha!

@ Mickey: Bwahahaha, it's vice versa silly!
Posted on: Jun 23, 2009
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me in the blue bubble!
me in the blue bubble!
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