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“Why Laos?”

That was a question that I heard a lot when I mentioned about my next trip. I really had no valid reason why I chose to travel to Laos. I just wanna go there. By the way, do we always need reason why we travel to certain places? Can we just pack our stuff and go? Yes, we totally CAN because we’re a smashing traveler!


If people think I was lunatic to go there, I don’t give it a damn because apparently I wasn’t the only one. I had Siska (Ffransiska) and Nikie (Borneonikieta) who were going backpacking with me to Laos! On top of that, we ran into so many other travelers, who must have had in their minds the same question as me.


“Why Not Laos?”

That was an answer that I gave to those people who asked me that question above. Hell yeah, Why Not?

Jopin says:
Great writeup, Rini! Waiting to head to Laos next year. And head to Hanoi from there. :)
Posted on: Sep 12, 2011
Aurora78 says:
I like that! Indeed... why not Laos!! Might go there next year.. so this helps! :)
Posted on: Aug 14, 2010
yoghurt28s says:
Yes yes! I agree with you Buddy! Why Not Laos? Anything wrong with going to this country? Haiz.. The typical stereotypes are just too strong.. Go anywhere u like, do anything u want ya? Just do it Buddy!
Posted on: Nov 24, 2009
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