A short trip to Broga Hill.

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Gosh! need to wake up so early just to catch sunrise? As usual i didn't sleep that nite. At 5am, friend picked me from home and we started our adventure journey. Why so??? Hahah! Both of us have no idea how to get there thou we have the map with us. I need to get a GPS instead. We try to drive slowly but we couldn't afford to do so. We might miss the sunrise if we couldn't get there on time.

Drove along the Highway, paid 4-tolls, finally I saw the Seminyih signboard. But where is that Broga Hill??? Yet no sign to been found. I guess we were on the right track. The road getting narrower n narrower, more plam trees on both side. According to the map, there is a Rabbit Farm opposite the Broga entrance. Thanks god we managed to find the rite direction.
At 6am, on my torch, we started to trek....Gosh! This place is so popular now, after an article been published on newspaper. There were so many cars parked at the oil palm estate. In my mind , we need to trek fast...before the sun rise. The trial was narrow, one person at the time...Hmmm... How am I gonna reach there on time if all of them walkwith slow pace??? Excuese me, excuese me....sorry..... thank you... thank you...

Finally, we made it to the top within 45 mins by passing thru 3 small hills. It wasn't a tough trail after all... gradually going up hill step by step. I found myself a nice spot to view the sunrise. Waited n waited, at 7.18am, the golden yellow sun rose slowly, time to do my fingers exercise. I noticed i have not seen sunrise for years. When was my last time??? Was busy at work for past few year. Would love to spend some time gazing at this beautiful moment :)  Being like a kid... hehe!

After all, it was an amazing day trip. All worth it!! I shall return to view sunset on my next trip. Hope u guys enjoy the photos!!Cheers!

technicolorbee says:
heading there tomorrow and uber excited to catch the sunrise!!
Posted on: Jul 11, 2012
Koralifix says:
Gorgeous photos!
Posted on: Jul 06, 2009
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photo by: forevert2