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Astino wish to be the commandor (actually he's just ABK)

Dusk in Padang Bay

When we arrived at Padang Bay harbour at 5 on the morning, the first time we met is a bunch of radical 'calo' . Calo means people who try to get money from selling something from other people. They offer the van to go to mataram.. Mataram is very small city, the weather is dry..humid arid. We took our breakfast in front of Matahari Dept store which still closed at 9 a.m..

We reach the entrance of Rinjani mountain about 4 hours trip from Mataram. Its dawn and started to rain when we start to hike the's so slippery. After 4 hours hiked, We decided to stop and camp for one night although we haven't reach a half of jouney.

from a peak to another peak

Rinjani..the desert of regret

 There's two type of jungle that we passed..First is tropical jungle...orchid, musa, monstera, ficus, river on the ground, it's all completed with the snake and strange mosquito. My friend ,bocu, took the water full of baby mosquito for our stock. The second junlge type is when we're closer to the peak: the trees become not too dense, pines, shruby and monkey (?)..and the ground is dry, sandy, until like the desert.

We arrive at desert of regret at noon looks like we want to die because of we run out of the water.. even the mosquito water is none left. Luckyly I found the fruit that can be eaten..MURBEY...the small red berry is enough to span our life longer until the peak of the hill.

two mates so happy on the peak of penyawangan

You have to passed the Desert of Regret before you reach Plawangan. Desert of Regret is a group of the hill which is the hardest part on this trek. Once the storm happen, you will get lost because everywhere looks the same even in open area without trees only sand and rock. My girl friend , fridy, scrolling down from top of the hill and make small little dusty storm..haha....very funny, we only laugh and laugh..nobody helps her.

After reach Plawangan you can see the other side of the hill.. which is Green meadow with Sagara Anak. We thanks to the god and the porter for helping us finding the way..Afterall we relief and down to the valley with happy feeling.

Son Of The Sea..Sagara Anak

This place is what we're heading for....We know from the first that we can not reach the peak with our condition and time so we decided  to ended here.

swan lake
I don't know where's the name come from because it's not near by the sea anyway..actually it's more like crater long time ago..and if we go there at exact timing we can see the lake with different colour. Too bad when we went there , the lake water is green and smell fishy..There's two boy come from nowhere were fishing in the lake until dawn. We took their picture beatifully..

We spent one night and I cooked Indomie with green peas for everybody. Itadakimasu!

Senaru..SASAK village

We went back in the morning and took the same trek . So interesting that the trek is no more hardship and difficulty for us ..because our ransoom already finish and our bag is lighter than before and the trek is " babababa" (means go down all the way in tagalog).

going to gili air..martin hand down! you close my face
The journey to the entrance gate took half day from morning until dawn. We can not continue the trip to city because  public transport only come twicce a day.

We spent one night at local house in sasak village. It's very tiring so we slept earlier..afterall we want to go to the village in the morning before the public transport come to bring us to the city.

Sasak  tribe is so mysterious.. we found the first mosque that built with the rice store building form. It was preserved, surrounded by bamboo fence and we can not enter..we only can see from 5 m distance.  Why there's a mosque in this place? Later on I discover that the Sasak converted to Islam between 16th - 17 th century under influence of Sunan Giri..And they pray only three times a day..Wektu Telu..Ussualy Moslem prey five times a day ( wektu Lima).

So tired...Rinjani Mountain at back

In the morning I took some nice picture of sasak villain..children play with little chicken, grandma seating on the terrace of the house. The house itself made from plaited bamboo , and the roof made from straw..The floor is like many of indonesian village..still made from clay. On dictionary I found that sasak house was influenced by balinese architecture..but in what i saw is more like Kampong Naga house (ethnic group that live in West of Java - next time I will review my Kampong Naga trip)

Finally we left the mountain and heading for the beach at 8.00 a.m

GILI AIR - COCONUT HUT (to be continued)


jethanad says:
Extremely intersting - thank you for sharing
Posted on: Jul 03, 2014
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Astino wish to be the commandor (a…
Astino wish to be the commandor (…
from a peak to another peak
from a peak to another peak
two mates so happy on the peak of …
two mates so happy on the peak of…
swan lake
swan lake
going to gili air..martin hand dow…
going to gili air..martin hand do…
So tired...Rinjani Mountain at back
So tired...Rinjani Mountain at back
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