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I couldn't help it. It's typhoon season, and after going from city to city in the rain and wind, I got fed up and went back to Boracay. It proved well because it has been sunny ever since I got back! Yey!

Just an update about life on Boracay!

I am fine, settling here nicely in my bamboo house, may look for another place, as it's close to a creek and few too many mozzies for my liking, but will sort all that out when I get back next month! The weather here is getting better, the Hagabat (rainy season) will be over soon, so less humidity and cooler, sunnier weather will be on it's way!

I am looking and applying for jobs at the moment, so will let you know when I get any good news! Nightlife is good, locals are cool, ex-pats are nice lol... what can I say? Boracay is a nice place to live! I did try my best with my charcoal cooker and grill, but when you have to build a fire everytime you want a hot drink or to make a snack it's a pain in the ***, so I have invested in a gas burner hee hee :)

Not much else to report, I'm getting the usual questions like, What do you do all day? and Aren't you bored? The answer to all these are: No! I am not bored ha ha, how can you be bored on this Island? I do hope to Caticlan and go to Kalibo some days and have had a couple of roadtrips toBacolod and Iloilo, but between sorting out new house, life in general, looking for jobs, socialising and chilling on the beach.. it's does fill up the days!

cotton_foam says:
Wow, I so admire your guts and courage! Let us know if you've gotten a job in Boracay! I've visited the place maybe almost 20 yrs ago...back when Boracay was still pristine and unpopulated and less touristy! Hey congrats on being feature!! ~ May
PS: I was born and raised in the Philippines the northern part of the country...
Posted on: Mar 17, 2013
julespd says:
don't stay away too long! let me know how the job hunt goes and remember to look after yourself- getting any chest pain at moment? message me soon x x x
Posted on: Aug 14, 2009
vvicy1 says:
Wish me luck, I'm applying to lots of hotels for work here!
Posted on: Aug 08, 2009
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