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Just some info, for all the lovely travellers going from Manila to Clark airport.

The 2 bus lines that run a direct service from Manila to Clark airport are Philtranco and Partas Bus lines. I didn't know that and ended up getting the 5-star bus from Cubao to Dau after being told it is easy to take a taxi/jeepney from there to Clark airport.

I was told a taxi from Dau would be 350 pesos, I know it's not much, but hey, I'm on a budget and know the airport is only 5 Km away, so a tricycle driver tells me he will take me to the airport gate for 60 pesos... ok it's not as cheap as the jeepney but reasonable enough. The idiot has yep, lied to me, and drops me off 2 mins away at Dau Gate, not Clark gate.. telling me I need to take a jeepney from here. Waste of 60 pesos, should have taken a jeepney from Dau to Dau gate for 9 pesos.

The next piece of joy was at Dau gate. I was told a jeepney will take me to airport for 200 pesos, with 3 Filipinos. I laughed and said I'm 1) not paying that much for a jeepney, and 2) Am not paying for 3 other people. I suggested we all pay 50 each, and the 3 filipino ladies said no, that I pay 150, they pay 50.. so I walked away.

I then see a jeepney with Clark DCIA destination printed on the side, but the guy wont let me on. 3 of these pass, and each time the men here are making trouble for me. I tell them I want to travel to DCIA, the fare is 9 pesos. So after these guys screaming at me telling me I am stupid, and that I'm, gonna get dropped off in the middle of the highway and have to walk 1.5km to airport.. I tell them I am a resident here in Philippines, that they are being racist and prejudiced and that yes, I will walk to airport if it drops me off in the middle of the highway. So I jump on the jeepney. The driver then tells me I have to pay for 2 people as I'm sitting in the front seat. I point out I'm hardly obese, and that he can wait for one more person for the extra fare, that I am not paying double.

Ok.. so I know what you're thinking... but it was all on principle and the fact is: Yes the jeepney did stop at the airport, it did cost 9 pesos, and it is only a short walk from the airport gate to the terminal (2 mins).

So.. hee hee..take a direct bus from Manila to Clark DCIA, or follow this info if you do end up in Dau...

vvicy1 says:
Fair enough, but I never had this problem in the Visayas :) People there seem more friendly and helpful and are so so nice! But you are from the Visayas, right? :)
Posted on: Aug 22, 2009
darkinvader143 says:
cool down dear! people will try to rip u off knowing u're foreigner... sad realization, but that's one way of how people in my country will try to earn easy money :( ... take care and safe travels! See you again soon!
Posted on: Aug 21, 2009
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