Time spent near at Peponi & Bushiri near Pangani Tanzania 27th May - 01st June 2009

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Small Fishing Boat - Kigombi - nr Peponi , Pangani ,Tanzania


Wed 27th May  - Left Dar Es Salaam at 9am to drive north towards Tanga & Pangani . The main road is via Sagera -it is very busy with heavy trucks & long distance buses. We stopped for a long lunch & arrived at Peponi about 5pm.

It is great to be back  at Peponi Beach Resort , It is  a very special place , not 5 star but very comfortable , unpretentious , good value for money . Accommodation is in Thatched Bandas - I would go for the bigger family Bandas ..high roofs , very spacious & perfect if there is more than two people in your party.

The atmosphere is very laid back , a perfect place to come back to after a hectic day of visiting local friends or exploring the coastal towns of Tanga or Pangani.

Philipo's Dad & Mum (Stephen & Margaret).

The staff were very friendly & invited myself , Marc & Philipo to watch the Barcelona/Man Utd match ..we all went to one of the local houses in Kigombe Village & had a great time watching the match ..I was so pleased that Barcelona won ..I think Sir Alex is too big headed ..so it   taught him a lesson that you can't have everything!!   It was also good fun being the only mzungo and trying to communicate with the football fans in my pidgeon Swahili.

Thur 28th May - Drove up to Bushiri , it is a very rural village surrounded by Sisal Plantations. Philipo's Mum,Margaret) & Dad,  (Stephen )stay there .  Stephen keeps cattle & a few goats - it is a hard life esp as there has been very little rain this April /May ..it is meant to be the LONG rains ..but it has only rained for a few days over the two month period!!

Margaret prepared a lovely lunch for us .

Boy at Bushiri Pentecostal Church

I took a really bad turn , felt very unwell & nearly passed out -I think I had walked too far in the heat & got a dose of Sunstroke ..I will be much more careful in the future!!

I will rest more tomorrow

Fri 29th May - Wasnt feeling well at all   - was up over 10times during the night with stomach pains. Took it easy and drank lots of water.

I was wanting to go snorkelling but didnt , as I would have got far too much sun again. Felt very exhuasted & sleepy.

I have photos from our last trip , so I wanted to try & find the local boys in Kigombe village and give them the photos. I walked along but failed to find anyone who knew the boys from the photographs.

Sat 30th May - Philipo has got Chronic Malaria & has to take a big dose of Quinine - he is resting all day today - so we shall not go into Pangani .

Night Sky Peponi
His friend , Marc, is fine . Jane has lots of insect bites , not itchy or painfull just very annoying to her - I am still not 100%- No energy.Hope I feel better tmoro - I hate being ill!!

Sun 31st May  -  I feel much better today , Philipo is feeling very unwell , so he cant to to Church in Bushiri .  Jane shall preach at the Lutheran Church & I shall preach at the Pentecostal Church .

We both need translators , so Marc went with Jane  & Philipo's Dad , Stephen, went with me .

I used the teaching on the  PARABLE OF THE DANCING GOD  but related it to the story of the Prodigal Son, The Good Son & The waiting Father.

Had a long chat with Stephen about the needs & possible future work in the Pangani/Tanga region - most people are descendants of the Slave Trade & curses etc abound .

Bibi - the Grandmother - Bushiri
There is also a lot of alcohol abuse , drug use & problems relating to STD'S  & HIV/AIDS.

Stephen works a a lay pastor for NEW LIFE IN CHRIST MINISTRIES TANZANIA.

Bibi is a lovely older lady . The name "BIBI " is an affectionate name given to a Grandmother . We had met Bibi in 2007 ,she was so happy to see us again at Stephen & Margaret's place ..she invited us to visit her home before we drove back to Peponi. She lives alone , her Son works abroad in Greece .

We got back to Peponi in the late afternoon with enough time to relax before dinner.





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Small Fishing Boat - Kigombi - nr …
Small Fishing Boat - Kigombi - nr…
Philipos Dad & Mum  (Stephen & Ma…
Philipo's Dad & Mum (Stephen & M…
Boy at Bushiri Pentecostal Church
Boy at Bushiri Pentecostal Church
Night Sky Peponi
Night Sky Peponi
Bibi - the Grandmother  - Bushiri
Bibi - the Grandmother - Bushiri
Bushiri Village Boy
Bushiri Village Boy
The Beach at Peponi
The Beach at Peponi
photo by: qualitymark