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Baby Lynne - "A GIFT FROM GOD "

19th May - We flew with THAI airlines from Penang to Dubai via Bangkok- Very good flights , great service. Stopped overnight in Dubai , stayed at Le Meridien Apts near the Creek ..really good value for money & well furnished .

Our onward flight was from the new Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport ..this is a vast new facility exclusive to Emirates Airlines.

20th May   - Arrived on time & met by Philipo , it was great to be back in Dar, met up with Philipo senior who was in the  Q for the ferry from town over to Kigamboni . The Ferry is new, much bigger and a bit more efficient than the old one.

Got to Philipo's & Victoria's place , met Dianna , the new house girl . Victoria's sister Sophie was also there , all looking after baby Lynne who is 3months old.

Ate a small meal then straight to bed - slept very well.

Will have a lazy day tomorrow.

Thurs 21st May - It is lovely to feel so at home, baby Lynne is beautiful , "A REAL GIFT FROM GOD". Philipo junior left to do things in town and to visit his friend Marc.

Jane & I walked down to the beach - it is only 10mins walk - we relaxed , talked to the local fishermen in our broken Swahili . Had a Soda  sitting watching the sea & admiring God's nature- perfect  sky  & sea , people & sunshine - hardly any tourists- so quiet , a perfect way to unwind .

In the evening we celebrated Phiipo Senior & Jane's birthdays. Had great food at the Sunrise Beach Hotel .

Fri 22nd May - Jane's Birthday - I gave her a card and wrote that she could spend some money when we arrived at the ? Hotel .

toyota saloon

I had booked 2nts in Mikindani at the 0LD BOMA  Hotel ..I kept it a total secret until we arrived there on the 6th June.

Went into town with Jane and Philipo, set off about 10.30 am ..I didnt feel too confident with driving the big Toyota Saloon , but am sure I will get used to it, it is auto and I drive manual .I drove a bit in town and that was fine but i let Philipo drive it onto the ferry as you have to get the car into a really small tight space.

It was great to meet up with Marc again-he is Philipo's best friend and old school mate. I first met him in May 2005 in Iringa. We chatted for ages & caught up with all the news- we shall see him again tmoro at Church.

Drove back to Maweni at 5pm -the Ferry wasnt too busy.

Had a quiet evening.

Lynne is so lovely ..God has been so good to Philipo & Victoria - she is only 10wks old but looks so peaceful & aware that she is deeply loved.

Mark relaxing at Philipo & Victoria's place in Maweni area of Dar Es Salaam


Sat 23rd May  - Great relaxing day - spent a long time talking with Philipo  & Victoria.

Had a long afternoon walk along the beach - spoke to many people , Yusof & Malik  ( farmers from Morogoro ), a student called Gordon ,who goes to the same School as Philipo's younger brother .

Had good fun talking to a group of youths , Abdul, Sultana & Lugano.

Met an Aussie lady called Milindi , she is working in Dar as a volunteer with an NGO  whose emphasise is on Interfaith Reconciliation, she also is interested in Hiv/Aids harm reduction..(took her number but didnt have time to meet up before we left Dar).

The beach is a wonderful place to meet and chat with locals & practice my Swahili..people are also very open & friendly & want to discuss their faith with you.

Beach 2



Sun 24th May  - Woke up very early - Read the "Daily Bread" notes -the Witness of friends - 1st John  Chapter 1 v 1-7 - it is a really meaningful passage.  It is so important to tell others , If not how will they ever know the Good News

I feel really on Top of The World today - God is so close to me- it is a great way to be!! - Wow  God , You are so awesome, powerful & amazing.

We drove to Amana Church & found it very friendly . The speaker was a man called Mwita , he is with Wycliffe translators.

Church starts at 10am . The Amana Pentecostal Church is near the centre of Dar . I first visited this church in 2005 with Philipo & Marc - The building is an old ART DECCO Cinema from the 1930's.

Marc being a Kid

The music & worship is very lively & the preacher was great & gave a very challenging message - from GALATIANS Chapter 1 v 1-10 -how to balance your Christian life in this World. The main point was that we now live under GRACE not under LAW.

This message is so strong & the theme has been preached many times recently.

We cannot please God anymore by good works, it is by his GRACE that we can do everything, as long as it is in his will.

We left AMANA & went to visit a very small new Church in the Manzese area of town - this area is tough, full of social problems , poor inner city housing with bad infrastrucure.

Matthew - the Pastor- has a real heart for the area and for the people -  I feel we could work well together.

WOW - a very busy afternoon - had a quick snack  then went back to Amana Church for the Youth Meeting.

Kigamboni Beach is just 10mins walk from Philipo & Victoria's place

The Youth were discussing the passage from Nehemiah .(REBUILDING THE WALLS ). Jane and I spoke that God can & WILL do the impossible - He is THE repairer of broken walls.

Mon 25th May  - Thoughts  -My God is an awesome God - He performs miracles & does the impossible - things not in your own understanding. I shall praise you as long as i live- Lord make me a fool  for you - Make me walk the path of Love, Generosity of Compassion & abounding in Strength & Courage

I went out very early  & came back for Bfast - walked around the local village.

I thought I may go swimming before it gets too hot - I walked for miles along the beach.

I met older boy named John who introduced me to his family , Mum ( Deborah) , Dad (Isreal), two younger brothers  & one sister.

Kigamboni Beach
They all previously lived in Kigoma - near the border with the DRC - The family are really Congolese not Tanzanian.

They had come to Dar to look for work but the contract had run out. Found out that they were Pentecostal Christians.

It was obvious that they had little food - so I took John to the market at Maweni  & bought meat, cooking oil, veggie & some fruits. He was so happy- he is a very bright youth - a bit forward  but has great potential, his English was very good. He took me to meet his Pastor . Pastor Method  & his wife Margaret have started a small church .  We talked a while & shared Sodas...after a while i got talking about TANGA AREA - well Margaret knew Philipo's Mum & Dad  - I found that amazing  - It is a SMALL WORLD !!

I was walking back when I met an older retired Englishman, he is married to a younger TZ lady & they now have a lovely son .

Rodger is from Coventry , he came out to Tanzania 3 yrs ago , he LOVES living in Kigamboni.


Tues 26th May - We met up with Dr Joel Carpenter - He works with Ywam at the base in Mwandge . Joel is American ,his wife Deborah is from TZ & they have twin Boys , who are about 2yrs old. Dr Joel runs a Health Clinic - it is a great resource in this mainly Muslim Village.

Baby Lynne  was not too well today -she is 11wks old - we prayed for her , esp that she would sleep well & not be in any pain.

It only took us one hour to reach the Ywam base at Mwandge  - Mwandge is on the main Dar Es Salaam to Kilwa road about 25km from Town.

Ywam were given 70 acres of ground  - it is still very much "work in progress" - If you know Ywam you know that we never have money -but God always provides -although NOT always in our timing !!

We arrived a bit early , so had lunch at Mwanzo Park Lodge cafe - very good stop on the main road south.

Mwanzo Park Cafe

Met up with Elijah - an Ethiopian man - he was in a bad way , living by begging around the area . He was very well educated , had perfect English . We spoke to him for a while & bought him food .He says that "spirits of the dead " prevent him from going elsewhere. I felt very sorry for him.

We received a great welcome from the Ywam Staff, the base leader Jeremiah,his wife Beita & Dr Joel.Spent some time exchanging ideas and visions as to what the future holds for Ywam in Tanzania . The base has a huge heart for reaching out to the local community.

They are trying to set up small kiosks along the outside wall , they want to employ local & ex street girls , enable them to learn new skills and to make a small amount of money . The pioneer behind the idea is Stella , she is an ex street girl who has become a Christian, completed Discipleship Training School & now has a real wish to help the sex workers & to give them back dignity & work that will not harm them .

Jane at Mwandge

 The base also runs DTS, CDTS & other types of Ywam Training Schools. They have a Vocational Training School for older boys, a Primary School & a Kindergarden. .

Jane &  I left with a lot to think about ..but we know that God will lead us .




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Baby Lynne - A GIFT FROM GOD
Baby Lynne - "A GIFT FROM GOD "
toyota saloon
toyota saloon
Mark relaxing at Philipo & Victori…
Mark relaxing at Philipo & Victor…
Beach 2
Beach 2
Marc being a Kid
Marc being a Kid
Kigamboni Beach is just 10mins wal…
Kigamboni Beach is just 10mins wa…
Kigamboni Beach
Kigamboni Beach
Mwanzo Park Cafe
Mwanzo Park Cafe
Jane at Mwandge
Jane at Mwandge
Ywam Base 2
Ywam Base 2
Meeting Staff at the Ywam Base 
Meeting Staff at the Ywam Base …
Dianna - The new house girl
Dianna - The new house girl
Dianna with Lynne
Dianna with Lynne