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So I've been really bad at updating this..my last one was 3 months ago. The past 3 months have been ridiculous. I went to Boston for a couple days in January, in February I went to New Orleans for Mardis Gras, which is something Ive wanted to do forever and am so happy I actually did it. Mondays have been going great, my roommate is now the other prez and we have had some amazing nights and Girls is well on its way to being where I want it. Now that I'm almost done I spend a lot of my time thinking about what life is going to be like when my program is over..and I wish it never had to end. These past 9 months have been incredible, the friends I've made are people I'm never going to forget. I feel like people here know me better than anyone, but what else can I expect when I spent almost every waking moment with them. Work, play, everything. My good friend Cmac said to me one time 'We live by the riches of our experience and that is priceless.' I've made a lot of money here, but I've also spent A LOT and won't go home with near what I wanted but I'd rather have really enjoyed my time here than go home with thousands of dollars but not done anything. In my time here I've seen things I never though I'd see, met people I never thought existed, had to say goodbye to people I didn't want to see leave..I'm gunna upload some of my favorite pictures from my time here now. There are some absolute beauties.
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photo by: Reephboy