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Great poster I saw!!

So my job in the States involves a lot of computer and meeting time.  That basically means I am almost always in a nice heated or air conditioned office.  Today...  was not the same.  I met my boss downstairs for breakfast in the hotel dining room.  I wasn't very hungry so I had my much-needed coffee and a little bit of food.  After brekafast we walked over to our office.  Fortunately it's only 2 blocks from the hotel so we didn't need the driver to come get us.  As soon as I stepped outside, I was engulfed by the heat and humidity.  Thank goodness I brought sunscreen!!

After a meeting we had, we went to visit one of the textile facotries that we designed the wastewater treatment plant for.

  It was a huge plant with lots and lots of buildings (and workers).  Seeing as this was my first time there, I didn't really know anyone or where I was going.  Rick, my boss, has been here 4 or 5 times already and everyone loves him (for some reason!!).  After having a short meeting with the General Manager, we made our way to the area where they treat the wastewater.  We walked around for about 3 or 4 hours discussing various problems that needed to be solved.  Of course all of this was done outside.. in the heat!!  I am not complaining..  but am simply trying to stress how hot it felt to me!!  Especially since I had never felt that kind of heat before.  Walking around the plant and seeing the workers doing much more physical labor than myself was kind of unsettling because I kept wondering how their bodies could cope with the stress of everyday heat like that.
Purple water from the dye (obviously not travel related)
  My only conclusion was that they must be used to it since they've grown up with it their whole lives.  Has my life become so used to easy activity, air conditioned offices, nice food, a nice bed and house.. that I've become accostomed to an easy lifestlye?  All of this really had me thinking.    

Around 3 o'clock we made our way back to our office to finish up our day.  I got back to hotel around 5 or so.  Rick came down to my room soon after and ordered up some tea.  Rick pulled out a nice bottle of rum that he bought in duty-free and of course we had some of that too!  Around 7pm, we decided that we would call it a night.  We contemplated going out to dinner but we were both still tired and jet-lagged that we didn't have the energy for it.  I ended up ordering up room service and then wrote some emails and made calls back home.  I soon found myself in my bed.... in a seriously deep sleep!

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Great poster I saw!!
Great poster I saw!!
Purple water from the dye  (obviou…
Purple water from the dye (obvio…
Street that our office is on..  no…
Street that our office is on.. n…
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