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Today started out the same as the rest of my days here.. 8 am breakfast at the hotel, a meeting at the office and then off to the plant for more inspections.  We were outside again today for 4 or 5 hours taking care of any questions the employees had regarding wastewater treatment.  It's fun to watch how your "group" that follows you, slowly gets bigger during the day.  Being a westerner (and white) really seems to draw the attention here.  I always find that the Bengali's literally will stare at me for like 30 seconds.  If you did that back home, someone would certainly say something and tell you to stop... but here it is as if they just don't see westerners that often.  I can understand that though.. it's not exactly like Bangladesh is in the top10.

. (or top 100) places to visit in the world.  But none the less.. I kept my sunglasses on so they couldn't see me staring right back at them!!

Today is by far the hottest day I've ever experienced in my life.  I could literally feel the sweat dripping down my legs and back.  Unfortunately I needed to be in business attire while at the plant..  so long pants and a nice hot cotton shirt has been my wardrobe!!

After work, I headed back to the office for a little while then went back to the hotel so I could change.  One of the employees, Fahad, and I decided to out tonight so I could hang out in downtown Dhaka.  To my surprsise there are no bars/clubs here.

.  I think it's illegal for Bengali's to drink alcohol.  Instead Fahad I took a 1.5 hour cab ride (which was only about 10 miles through horrendous traffic) to the largest shopping mall in Bangladesh.  It was called Bashundhara City.. and man.. it was huge!!  Maybe 8 or 10 floors.  Each level was dedicated to a different item being sold. Modern clothes, then shoes, music/dvds, eye wear, traditional clothing.. etc.  We went to the top floor where there was all of the food shops as well as a movie theatre (which was showing pretty old movies).  We got something to eat at a stall and it was AMAZING!!  I have only had one thing here so far that I didn't like.. and that's something to say for me!!   Oh.. and I forgot to mention that it seemed as though everyone who lived in Dhaka.. was in the mall that night!!  It was so crowded and hot.  Once all the stores started shutting down around 8:30, we, and everyone else, hurded for the doors to get a cab back to the hotel.  Unfortunately it started raining again and this brought on a serious traffic jam.  We probably waited over an hour to find a cab or a rickshaw, or just anything to get us back!!  I finally made it back to the hotel around 10pm and got right in bed.  Once again.. it was another good day!

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Betel nuts and some other things t…
Betel nuts and some other things …
Something I chose not to eat.. at …
Something I chose not to eat.. at…
Waiting for a cab
Waiting for a cab
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