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On the train.
11.00 am. Monday, June 15, 2009.
I got a message in my mobile, from my sister in law. She was pregnant, 9 months. She said that the fetal membrane had a leak. The doctor planned to do a caesar surgery on her at 2.00 pm.

11.15 am.
My husband called to ask whether I wanted to go to Bandung to visit my sister in law. Of course, I would love to, I've never turned down any travel offerings so far :)

I had to be quick, searched which hotel we would stay. Eventhough, I would only spend one night, I had to find out which hotel that descent enough for the place to stay. I didn't like to randomly pick the hotel because I hate if it let me down in some aspects and I am kind of a person who is hard to be pleased :P

This time, my son really wanted to ride a train. He loved trains since we wandered around in Bangkok using Bangkok Sky Train :) So, I checked the train schedule from Jakarta to Bandung. After I got the train schedule and confirmed my hotel bookings, the final task was even harder: to persuade my husband to use the train instead of using our cars. Certainly, I failed in this task. My husband preferred to drive a car since he did not like the situation where we had troubles of moving around Bandung if we did not bring our car. So, in compromising everybody's need on this condition, I would bring the children and the maid to the train station and he could directly went to Bandung from his office by driving our car. The meeting point would be at the hotel.

When I reached the station, my husband called again. Seemed that he changed his mind. He said he wanted to join us using the train so I have to take the later train than the one I previously want to ride. It came in another one hour. So, we just sat there. We saw trains arrived. We saw trains departed. It pleased my son so much!

Then, it's our turn to ride the train. It was a pleasant journey. I enjoy every moment of it. Eventhough it was not as fast as ICE in Germany, still I liked the trip.

The hotel we stayed is Arion Swiss Belhotel. It was located near to the train station so we just walked for a few minutes.

At night, I had to book a shuttle to bring my husband back to Jakarta as earliest as possible in the following morning. He suddenly had something to do in the office. I also had to book a cab to bring him to the shuttle departure point in BTC (Bandung Trade Centre). He should fly to London as soon as possible and that will jeopardise our planned trip to Singapore. That night, I could not sleep comfortably because of booking this and that and my son had also a problem to sleep.

Real_PeaceWarrior says:
Wow that's a lot of travel arrangements in a few paragraphs :) kept you busy!
Posted on: Jun 21, 2009
azianelias68 says:
Ha..ha... again.seem i m lost.Where are u staying in Singapore?Have safe trip.
Posted on: Jun 18, 2009
ariwardani says:
The name of the train is Argo Gede. It costs IDR 50,000. Check the schedule at

Azian, yes...I still go to Singapore. Are you sure my schedule is changed in my profile? I will fly at 06.00 pm today. :)

My sister in law is in good condition
Posted on: Jun 18, 2009
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On the train.
On the train.
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