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WARNING : This is STRICTLY a personal opinion.

Cambodians (those I came across anyways) are very laid back, they're just calm, too cool in fact. There's a saying in Malay which translated would say, "Calm water doesn't mean there's no crocodile". Hhmmmmm.....

But I'm glad to say I've met pleasant people there. Before going, I learnt a bit of local lingo which I found would always put a smile on their faces, whether I say it right or not... and that helps break the ice... and gets me discounts!!!

TO BARGAIN OR NOT TO BARGAIN : I came across loads of things I wanted to take home as souverneirs. As they deal in dollars, I was initially worried that I wouldn't be able to afford much. I saw a man selling t-shirts and asked the price. "2 dollars".

What? 2 dollars is dead cheap. But the traveller in me instinctively said, "1 dollar, I buy many t-shirts".

"OK." Ok? Not 'if you buy more than 10, i give you that price' or 'cannot, cannot, cheap already'. Just a simple, calm, cool 'OK'. It was the first time that I walked away with a bargain feeling as if I'VE CHEATED HIM!

I actually felt bad asking for such a cut. I mean, even in my currency, in my country, the t-shirt would've cost 10 times more. It doesn't matter if the cost for a t-shirt was just 25 cents, how much could they possibly make out of it. Until now, 3 years later, they're the cheapest t-shirts I've ever bought AND i'm still wearing them today. Colours all still intact.

After that, I bought more stuff. If I felt there were cheap enough in my currency (and most of them were), I just didn't bargain. But I walked away feeling happy, I've got really beautiful souverneirs, trinkets, clothes from Cambodia.


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Phnom Penh
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