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Hoi An is reknowned for it's tailors and many a travel cafe conversation centres around how much of a travel budget people have blown on getting suits made.  Now for those who know me well, shopping is not high on my list of priorities in life.  A shopping trip for me is generally a commando mission, get in and get out as quick as you can. However, when in Rome....

I wandered down to Ya Li's which had been recommended by Nick and Lindsey in Lao and went through all the choices on material, pleats or not, number of buttons etc etc then once you agree on the price ($100 US for wool-cashmere suit and a shirt - advice was given to always agree on price before they measure you or else you're as good as locked in) they measure every nook and cranny.  Then for good measure (no pun intended) someone else measures you too! Then the magical clothes-making people go and do what they do and you come back tomorrow (and ask for Mellissa, nice of them to give an easy name to us westerners)

So back to the beach again, this time buying some pineapple from Sun-sun then hanging out for the afternoon with a few more Irish.  Next on the agenda was a Vietnamese cooking class that Keira had organised through her guesthouse so that sounded wortwhile.  The chef was fantastic, and had picked up a lot of humour for his cooking routine.  As he knocked together spring rolls, fish in banana leaf (foil is ok at home) and a squid salad he taught us to not say 'yum-yum' afterwards since that means 'i am horny' in vietnamese :) He was also intimidated if you made a spring roll which was too long :)

Next up it was time to watch the english F.A cup soccer final so we headed on to the pub that a lot of the traveller network had picked to watch things, and it was without doubt the most eventful F.A. cup final I've watched in years. For those who saw it, the game itself was fantastic (despite the winner ;) ), but that wasn't what I'm referring to here.  As extra time approached the pub manager indicated we couldn't watch it here any more due to 'gobenment' so who knows what their licensing laws are. However he did say he could move the T.V. on to the street and we could watch it there, so he handed out tiny stools, took the telly down off the wall and the entire pub shifted to the street.

Then....in the second half of extra time...the pub shut it's power off.  So quite a cunning ploy to get everyone out of the pub really.  Panic sets in for those with a vested interest in the game and everyone turns around to see a TV on in a shop across the road. So the whole pub moves there.

As penalties approach there is a brief interlude when a crazy Vietnamese guy bangs a big stick against the door of the first (now closed) pub we were watching it in, then proceeds to attack the owner when he opens the door.  Crazy guy is chased down the street by the locals with a few flying kicks for good measure, and we all turn back to the game. Until the shop turns it power off with only penalty shootout to go.

Now the entire pub moves to a tiny bottle shop a few doors down, who is kind enough to let this crowd of people watch the penalty shootout, I'm sure his power went out not long after though. All in all not a bad day.


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