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Rams Head On Stage. Cunt Ran Venue. The Coffee Show 49 West A Few Doors Down Is Filled With Wonderful People And Delicious Treats.
What to say about Annapolis and the Rams Head On Stage without ruining this entry which I should save for review time. I guess I could always just copy and paste. The venue is pretty wretched. They cross out everything that a touring band could want. You don't get waters and you better not ask for any juices. Instead they will offer you all the free beer your future fatty stomach can handle. Since they brew it themselves. Big fucking deal! A few of us don't drink. Plus, the band not being a bunch of kids they don't plan on getting smashed and hitting the stage. Instead we all like to keep that for the crowd. Let the women get saucy and flirty. Then watch as their husbands carry them home.
Annapolis Reminds Me Of Main St In Disneyland.
A few of us are also vegetarian but they told us they have plenty of delicious vegetarian options on their venue. They lied. They offered 4 things on the menu all consisting of toxic dump. We all went off to do our own thing anyway.

Now, this venue does not allow me to sell the merchandise. They have people for this. They are afraid that the band may rip them off of a few extra bucks. On our OWN merchandise. Not only did they want to take 20% of our merch sales they also tack on an extra 11% sales tax. Which ended up boosting our tshirt prices toooooo... $33.95. So a quick we're sorry Annapolis fans for the Rams Head On Stage being such cunts. I stocked up the merch but nobody working behind the counter said a word to me. Till a few minutes before door time when they asked if I wanted to count the merch in.
The Crowd Were Told To Stay Seated By The Venue. Nobody Really Followed That Rule.
My answer.. no.. you can count it.

I went and filled up on some Indian food. While the city of Annapolis celebrated Memorial Day a weekend early with a parade. Armed forces, boy scouts, brownies, girls in skimpy outfits riding on top of firetrucks.

With merch being sold I had the night off to dance. Before that the venue gave out the annoucement to the awaiting fans to not stand while the show is going on. Since there will be other people in their seats. No talking while the band is playing or between songs. I think the venue forgot that the fans are the ones that show up and sell out the show and buy tons of drinks and food. I think they are the ones that should be showing a little respect and announce.. lets all have a good time! Do you think people listened to the "rules" though? I don't think so.
I went and stood by the side of the stage with my friend Mrs. Jones.

Earlier that day I had asked people at the venue if there were any coffee shops near by. They had said none that they had known of. I had walked down by the water. I drink a lot of hot chocolate. There wasn't anything. I walked my friend Mrs. Jones to her car while she drove me back around to the bus I spotted a coffee shop a half block the opposite way of which I had spent walking. The owner was actually outside of the shop and I had asked if they were still open. He said they were what would I like? I said a hot chocolate. We talked about the band and he said how he tried to make it down but he couldn't that he would try tomorrow. He mentioned about some bands playing there and they just look bummed. He asked if it gets old touring that he imagines it does sometimes. I filled him in on how rotten the Rams Head is and that's probably why people look bummed there. I told him how I spent all day looking and asking for a coffee shop. He told me to bring the band in for breakfast and I said I would definitely be in a few more times before I left.

So thank you to 49 West for hooking me up with some tasty hot chocolate and being so friendly!
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Rams Head On Stage. Cunt Ran Venue…
Rams Head On Stage. Cunt Ran Venu…
Annapolis Reminds Me Of Main St In…
Annapolis Reminds Me Of Main St I…
The Crowd Were Told To Stay Seated…
The Crowd Were Told To Stay Seate…
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