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Artist Holly Golightly, Dave & I. Talking about mods and new Beat Girls. Photo Thanks To Holly.
Today we had to meet up with artist Holly Golightly for lunch to talk about what a new Beat Girl should look like. She wanted to eat at the venues restaurant. We ended up eating dessert for lunch. Which I don't mind. Haha. I showed her some pictures of mod girls and skinhead girls of the 60s. She asked if she could take a few photos of me cause she'd love to draw me. She's an excellent comic artist so why not. Broadsword Comics is her company. She's a very sweet girl and danced her ass off at the show the night before.

Afterwards I went and ate pizza around the corner. Had to compare it to the pizza place that was down the street and delicious. See what happens when you're on tour? You look forward to eating. Finding new places to eat because odds are you're going to end up in these cities again.

The show tonight was sold out. With people spilling out of the front door, smoking area, lobby. While walking in the woman who I put on the guest list stopped to to say thanks. I attempted to make it into the crowd tonight but that didn't really happen. Too many people. Some guy came up to make friends with me who had never been to California. He lives in Pennsylvania but would rather live in the south because he likes the humid weather. I've never heard anyone say they like humid weather. That was a first. My favorite state is Florida. I've never been there for more then 3 days at a time so if I lived there maybe I'd think differently but phew... 1 day in Miami was enough for me. Anyway, so when I was talking to this guy he got all excited to talk about different states he went to put his arm around me to give me a friendly hug and cracked his head straight into mine. He was a bit on the drunk side so it didn't faze him one bit. This guy from the opening band also came to make friends. When I mentioned that I don't drink he started asking if it was because I had a bad drunken experience. I told him that I've never had a drink in my life. Or a smoke. Then of course he wanted to ask perverted questions instead. Of course all I could do is give smart ass answers back. Oh boys.

After the show head butter bought a few shirts and asked if Dave would be out. I told him that Dave was out the night before. Seen the lady I put on the guest list again and asked her if she talked to Dave. She got her record signed and introduced me to her friend. I said who are you? She said he's my exboyfriend. My husband had to stay home tonight. I was like oohhh I see how it is. Ha! When everyone had left I went to get Dave.. I asked.. can you come sign this guys tshirt who head butt me? Dave came out and he told Dave I was talking to your nice merch girl and I head butt her! Dave said she told me. He's all you told him?! Now I look like a jerk!

I got another head injury at the end of the night. For some reason my boss thought we were loading out that night. We weren't. While taking my merch case out he realized not . I was trying to pull it back in and it got stuck on the door. When I bend down to grab the bottom my head got smashed between the door frame and the case. Nice one! I had a chocolate cake waiting for me. That makes a girl feel alright.
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Artist Holly Golightly, Dave & I. …
Artist Holly Golightly, Dave & I.…
photo by: CandyKelii