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There Is A Green Canopy In The Building Wayyyy In The Back. They Plumped Me Up With Potato Burritos.
The Hamptons would have looked a lot prettier if the sun was shining. I watched a woman get her heel stuck in between a brick walk way and eat shit. Even though there were plenty of people around nobody came to her rescue. It's like that show on MSNBC "Caught On Camera", where everyone just looks on and pretend like nothing happened. I offer old women candy on airplanes if they're sitting next to me so I would never be able to just look on. I was watching from the bus window that's the only reason why I didn't help. Anyway, so back to my day. This venue was not set up for merch. I was placed in the corner at the far end of the bar. I went and ate this spicy potatoe thing. It was delicious. Vegetarian heaven. I got my boss some organic english breakfast and headed back to the bus with 9 cookies.
While Another Place Around The Corner Fed Me Mac N Cheese. Ohhhh To Be A Vegetarian.
... all for me.

My merch area wasn't the best of the best. Came in to find a bunch of middle aged drunk women sitting on the table infront of the merch display with their drinkies spilling all over the place. It's not the women that upset me. It's the men that they drag along with them. This guy just starts bumping into me while he was talking to these group of women. Stepping on my toes. There was this guy that stood by the merch all night. Singing and dancing to all the songs. He came to the show by himself and bought some shirts for his daughters. He kept asking me if I knew about this song or that song. I don't think he knew that I worked for the band. I didn't wanna burst his bubble though either so I didn't say anything. This other guy that sees the band all the time asked who I was since he had never seen me before.
Stephen Talkhouse.
He had some bad things to say about somebody that the band knows. Using the word c**t over and over again. Then finished it with.. welcome to the family.

After the show one of Dave's friends wanted to treat us to dinner. According to Dave it's the best macaroni and cheese in the world. Well my favorite food in the world is macaroni and cheese. When we got there though.. there wasn't any left. Everyone had gone out to dinner before us. I broke veg and ate a tiny little piece of chicken. I ordered chocolate cake. Not everyone got their orders so I went and did some reorders for them. I'm a girl that likes any sorta sweet treats. My name isn't Candy for nothin! By the time I ate my cake I wasn't ready for mac n cheese so we boxed it up and took it to go. I will say it was extremely delicious though. I'm a big fan of my own mac n cheese but this was good too ;) Haha.
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There Is A Green Canopy In The Bui…
There Is A Green Canopy In The Bu…
While Another Place Around The Cor…
While Another Place Around The Co…
Stephen Talkhouse.
Stephen Talkhouse.
photo by: CandyKelii