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The Crowd Stayed A Bit Mellow The Second Night At The Rams Head.
Today started off a bit slow. Started off a bit late to get Indian food. Missed out on that. Instead stopped in at 49 West once again for a hot chocolate and some cookies. Went on another adventure towards the water on the hunt for food. Everything around there consists of seafood. There was a French place that made omelettes stuffed with cheese and apples. They were just getting ready to start their seafood/duck dinner menu but made an exception for me. I also purchased some pastry fruit tarts. My piggy sweet side coming out once again. My boss was pretty upset that we didn't get Indian food. He was doing an interview and motioned a thumbs up to me when I said food. When he got off the call he was like apples & cheese with eggs? He was kinda grossed out but changed his mind once he had a bite.

Once again, I didn't sell merch. Stocked up for them. The guy working said that the merch night was kinda slow the night before. That it's always slow there. I was like umm yah, because you're charging 11% sales tax on top of tshirt price to fans. Why would you even question that? He said that he doesn't get any of the money. I said I know that. Almost every venue this day in age take a cut of merch sales. Some random person pops up out of nowhere telling you how much of a cut they're taking and you hand them some of your money. I know the drill.

My friends Mrs. Jones & Michelle showed up tonight. Stood in the same spot. Except our bus driver had his drunk friend come out and they decided that they would stand infront of us. Just said excuse me while we were standing there and stood there. Now, I'm 5'7 but with heels on tack on a little bit more. My friends are between 5'3-5'5. We have 6' men infront of us. One being someone that I see on a daily basis. I don't get it.

A bunch of people waited outside the bus to talk to Dave. I got to be the one to tell them he would be out soon. Everyone got excited. I went back to 49 West with Michele & Mrs. Jones. The owner said he was able to make it down for a few songs. He introduced me to his wife. I asked them what baklava was and she couldn't believe I never had it and gave me a square. It was AMAZING! I loved it! The fact that it was so cold was fantastic. I got a few more cookies and another hot chocolate and went back to Rams Head to hang with my friends before saying goodbye and see them next time we're back east.

Moral of the story. Stay away from Rams Head On Stage in Annapolis! BUT Rams Head Live in Baltimore is cool! Support that one :)
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The Crowd Stayed A Bit Mellow The …
The Crowd Stayed A Bit Mellow The…
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