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With Mr. Keith Floyd of Floyd's Kitchen, Phuket

I went to Phuket a day before New Year 2007. Me and Lin found cheap AirAsia tickets and decided to give it a go.

As it was a last minute thing, we didn't book accommodation in advance. No problemo, as Phuket is a tourist haven, I was confident to find a place. Only problem was the prices doubled being New Year's eve. We managed to secure a room 15 minutes walk from Patong Beach at 1,600 baht a night.

My 1st suprise of the trip : As we were having lunch at a North Indian restaurant, I saw a familiar face.

I asked Lin but she didn't recognise him. I stole several glances, being careful not to stare or looked stalkish. He looks like that chef on The Food Channel, who was always gulping mouthful of wine as he cooks. I never bothered about his cooking, I just liked watching his antics on TV.

I gathered my courage as he finished eating, walked up to his table and asked, "Hi, are you Mr. Floyd from Floyd's Kitchen?"

Bulls-eye! He smiled, was very pleasant, agreed to have his picture taken with us, came to our table to hand us his card as he's got a restaurant in Phuket, wished us a pleasant trip and left. The restaurant owner came up to us and asked in his thick Indian accent, "Is he from Hollywood?"

For the rest of the afternoon, we just strolled around, to the beach, to the many shops and stalls selling poor imitation goods and expensive local stuff.

We decided to go for a massage. 2nd suprise of the trip : The female masseur, after massaging my back, asked me to turn and began massaging my... mmmmmmm.... boobies. I've had a number of massages but THAT was definitely a first. My eyes popped opened, the masseur looked nonchalant, as she talked loudly to her colleague who was massaging Lin on the other side of the curtain. I decided to hold my tongue, as I could be the odd one out here. After the session, I stepped out to find Lin smoking and giving me a funny look. "I feel violated", she said. Alas, I wasn't being wierd.

NEW YEAR'S EVE (night) : The clubs thumping loud music, people drinking and shouting. Not my scene. We decided to head to the beach. 3rd suprise of the trip : There were lots of people on the beach, lighting lanterns and releasing it to wind which then lifted it up to the sky. Hundred of lanterns littered the sky. Gorgeous sight but I couldn't help wondering where would it all fell later? Where would they make a mess of? Clock strikes 12, ships and yachts blared their horns, fireworks, etc. It was beautiful but I was ready to leave Phuket.


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With Mr. Keith Floyd of Floyds Ki…
With Mr. Keith Floyd of Floyd's K…
Phuket... New Years eve.
Phuket... New Year's eve.
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