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I am one of those who loves to find these hidden beaches not many knows about. So when I heard about this place, I rushed to go and see the place my own.

Ujung Genteng is located in the south of Sukabumi, Java Indonesia. Many routes to go there. I took the one from Ciawi-Surade-Ujung Genteng. I wouldn't recommend this route though, since you need to pass the 90km pine wood which was very spooky to me and my friends.=) (I've warned you...!)

Once you're there, the only transportation can take you to the beaches or any sites is the motorcycle ride called 'ojek'. The cost ranges from 30.000-150.000idr.

A white soft sandy beach is right on the sight from our losmen frontyard.

Not too bad view to see first thing in the morning=)  After nasi uduk breakfast, we headed to Aquarium Beach. The coast was clear, the water sparkled. You can see clearly everything beneath the surface, why they called it aquarium I suppose.

Few kilometers further is Cipanarikan Beach. This one is even prettier. An even wider coastline with buttery soft sand, coast duanes on the left sight, an estuary on the right. I fell asleep on the slope, on a shadow of palm trees. Six of us waited for sunset, which came on time at 6.

Dinner was 'ikan kakap merah bakar'.... momma! was grueaat!! Around 8, we're on the ride again heading to Pangumbahan Beach (yes, at night), to see turtle laying eggs. These giant turtles are extremely sensitive to lights.

 They may abort their mission to lay eggs if there's any disturbing lights. Therefore any flashlights, or handphones light, and camera blitz are forbidden. It was pitch black, none of us can see a thing, everything was in siluet.

There's a sweet story behind the process of turtle laying eggs. The male would sit and wait by the coastline while the female climbs her way to the shore to dig holes. It took about 3 hours until the female reaches the spot she wanted. You can hear she breaths hard while getting the eggs out of her, ...and see tears coming out of her eyes. When she's done, she would bury the eggs with the two hands shoveling the sands backward, again, you can hear the hard breathing and see the tears. She was a beauty. After burying the eggs, she drags her body back to the coastline where the male awaits her to go back to the sea.

Next morning, we got up early and ready ourselves for the 2 hours ojek ride to Ombak Tujuh Beach. This one is quite popular to the surfers due to its 7 meters high wave. The ride was tough, telling you! Twigs slapping hard our faces, plants scratching badly the feet and leg (why you need to wear long pants!=)), but it was worth the trip. Went thru steep slopes, steep climbs, two rivers, passing lots of savannah, palm trees, mangroves, teaks, local modest shacks..... it was just, wauuww!!

Just before we hit Ombak Tujuh, not in the plan, they took us to this Keris Beach, which is another beauty! Coral reef and big crags made us took another many snapshots.

The ojek ride to Ombak Tujuh back and forth cost alot of stamina... but we're not over yet, still one site to go: the waterfall!

Cikaso waterfall is about 30km from Mama's Losmen (where we stayed). To reach it, a 6 minutes boat ride (halong bay kind) is ready by the river mouth. A boat for 10 people costs 70.000idr. The waterfall is a three series, 10 stories high. The water was turquoise... clear as ever!

The whole trip was set on a budget. The total was 619.000idr. One thing I would've wanted to do before I go If I knew, was to bring alot of food and water supply. What can say, it's a remote place..... can't complaint much about anything=)


miss you guys... anita, liu, toni, rensi, nelson.

whites81 says:
indeed. the whole coastline just for you. fits for lazy long naps!=D
Posted on: Aug 24, 2009
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photo by: YantiSoeparno