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So sorry folks! Got stuck in Waikiki (ugh) for 3 days; finally made it to Hilo. It's so different. There are no words. It's green. And it rains. That's the abridged version. In actuality it's gorgeous, gets about 180,000,000 inches of rain a year, and apparently we're here in hurricane season(according to the sign in the car rental office). We've been forced to rent a car; the monkeys in yahoo maps have informed us that island-wide trips are ridiculously long via bus, so we've had to take the plunge and spend... more on a car for 5 days than we have on our dorm beds for a full week! The Big Island may not last long at this rate. I'm driving the car (Gin) and it's HUGE! It's a chevy aveo or something similar... so yes, smaller than a truck but bigger than 2 yaris'!

We haven't done too much outside of the town of Hilo yet; there's very little transportation, except for the free bus, and it doesn't run past 4pm. We just picked up the car this morning and have made a brief pit stop at the coolest hang out in the world: our local public library. We even scored library cards. Let me tell you, we're living dangerously. We've also hit up a fun little farmers market for much needed produce that HASN'T been imported from you hoe-bags in CA. Did you know HI gets something like 80% of its food, building materials, and scabies from the mainland? Not cool. And it's like $5 for a head of shriveled lettuce... reminds us of our old Asian porn show neighbors... Shriveled things... Oh how we miss them. It's also $7.50 for a pack of smokes. Penel says to send her cartons with the Russian Mafia next week!

Besides dreaming of ways to procure items on the black market, we have been hanging out in the jungle. Our hostel is literally in the middle of the jungle. We went exploring yesterday- bug spray in one hand, ice cream in the other- and found a random abandoned tree house, the worlds largest leaves, and primal mud. I think we even passed a dinosaur. We've got pictures. We almost caught a mongoose but alas, they're slippery lil' suckers! As said before, there are no words. It's beautiful here, the plants and people are amazing, and we're heading off to explore the island. And maybe we'll actually go to the beach on this island (I didn't mention that we haven't been to the ocean yet here have I?). Love to all, check out our photos!

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photo by: vances