No Etna but, Norman Castle, many churches, and antipasti galore....oh and the heat!!!

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Books I bought in Catania about Sicilia. The one on the left is in Italian but, has beautiful pics.

Well, as usual, I had an illness day. Something that I ate must have not agreed with me. So, I slept in a bit and decided to stay close to the B&B. I will see Etna upclose on a return visit, hopefully with Rob!

So, midday, I veture out into the Sicilian oven that is Catania, right now. I head for the Castella Ursino which was closed yesterday.  It was built between 1239 and 1250 and is one the rare medeival buildings in Catania. Its in remarkable condition for itàs age and has been outfitted with a nice compliment of information and art to enjoy, free of charge. There is an exhibit of current art that includes some more recent pieces that are very interesting. I took a picture to show what I mean.

Back out into the oven, I snake narrow passageways to the  Arco di San Bernadette archway. Itàs black and white marble composition remind me of the churches in central Sardegna. Itàs quite impressive in an area that is pretty rundown.

I head down the Via Emanuelle, which is a veru long street, and atleast is downhill from here. I stop in for a powerade to replenish and refresh. Along my walk of this street, I saw and took pictures of some amazing baroque churches. They are all in need of desparate repair but, they were amazing in their details....masterpieces!

I stop in at Tabacco which I had tried to eat at yesterday but, I was past their lunch hours. They have an amazing selection of deserts and antipasti....veggies, veggies, veggies! Today, I am whithin serving hours. I choose a great selection of grilled vegetables and have a seat. An attendant brings the plate to my table. As I eat, I witness an interesting engine of people coming and going for takeaways, gasping at the sights ofthe fancy deserts, waiters with trays held high running to and fro. It was all quite interesting. Even some military personel camein for some tasty desserts. I finish and return to my pursuit full of energy.

I enjoy anohter amzing baroque cathedral in a central area of the pedestrian only section of Via Etna . I walked into behold some amazing ceiling frescoes. The colorful paintings tell of a time long gone. As I walk through, I have a thought that , who knows, maybe one of my ancestors was once in this church. But, more of that in Palermo! The altar was classic Italian baroque but, each altar I see is different and special. The details magnificent.

I saw a great bookstore on the Via Etna and couldn't resist. They had some amazing books on Sicily, the food, the land, and the sea. I bought 2 books with beautiful pictures of the different regiions. One of them is in Italian but, I bought it for the picturesl.

I walked back to the B&B and dropped off the books...very heavy. I decided to do a little souvenir shopping and went to a few shoppes and found a few things for friends and family, post cards as well. On my way back, again, I decide to do Siciliam pizza local style and biught from a  hole in the wall along Via Emmanuelle. A very nice father and son sold me a cheese pizza and a water for 1 euro 70....CHEAP.

Returning one last time to the B&B, I am in for the night. I work on my blog, write postcards, and check email. Claudia asks me to join her and friends for a beer but, I decline. It's late and I'm still not feeling my best. It was so nice of her to offer.


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Books I bought in Catania about Si…
Books I bought in Catania about S…
photo by: Traveling_Brian