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Snowglobe of Catania highlights

We all needed a sleep in so we decided Mt. Etna would be Tuesday and we could see Catania at our leisure. Yeah, I overslept the late alarm that I had slept through and got up at 1135. I was beat. Claudia was so very nice to make me breakfast even though I was much past the breakfast hours. Sheàs a sweetie.

We had decided to meet at Piazza Duomo. Ken and Kyle were a little late. I'm just standing there getting a few good shots of the elephant and some elements of the Duomo when this handsome Italian man introduced himself and asked me it I would take his picture in front of the Duomo and then email it to him. Ok......I was thinking....where is the scam? He wanted nothing and gave me his information and I took his pictures.

Traditional Sicilian decorated horse and cart.
He thanked me and went on his way.

First we went inside the Duomo. Now, I have seen many, many churches across Europe. This one has it's own unique charm. It is quite simple. Not much embellishment for a baroque cathedral. It was quite beautiful, still. We did happen upon a glass fronted crypt with a pope? inside. His head was made of stone but, his hands were obviously real....I guess mummified. Kyle thought it was cool. The area under the church was closed!!! It had the remains of the two churches that this one is built upon. That would have been cool to see. Next time!

On to the fish market. directions were not necessary as the nose could easily find it. They were tearing it down for the day but the variety of sea creatures was astounding. I saw several marlin that only the heads were left. Continuing on there was the poultry section. I happened upon a pile of chicken feet........that's all just the feet....gross! Then we come to the guy with a BIG blade cutting through calf hoofs. It looked like a tough job as it took several hard blows of the knife to cut through them. This was all quite interesting and cementing my vegetarian status. There are no strange remnants from vegetables.

From here we walked to a lovely park. Part of it was closed for renovation but, I was told that this has been going on for 3 years. It was HOT and the fountain sprayed our way giving us brief relief. We all longed for the beach and cool water. We decided that a beach day was a must but, after Etma.

We stop at the main post office to get postage for the many postcards that I send to my friends and family. Kyle needed a few as well.

We walked past several churches that while impressive ......were closed. Also, realizing that it was Monday.....all museums were also closed! We make our way to the Roman theatre. Itàs closed, of course, so we peek through the fencing. It's in moderate condition. The one at Taormina is more impressive, given the location.

We stop for a bite to eat on the Piazza Duomo at a little cafe. Ken gets a panini and Kyle and I just drinks. This local couple is sitting next to us. The man has obviously been drinking and proceeds to speak something Italian to us as his companion is away. When she returns, she turns around and smiles really big and tries to converse with Kyle. Now, she is atleast in her early 40s, blackened teeth and a big girl. Kyle is tall, skinny, blonde, and just a baby. She was really flirting!!! We were fearful for him but, spurred him and her on. I even tried to get her to take a picture with him but, I think she got spooked by that. Poor Kyle.....he was scared for his life.

From here we head to Ken and Kyles hotel. Were dripping with sweat and beat. We stop in a supermercato and pick up essentials water, redbull, yogurt, vodka, nail clippers. Then on to the hotel where jerry is already back and laying on the bed as hes been napping a little bit. Dana joins us and we discuss eating options. We read of some options in the travel guide and decide to ask for a reccomendation. The front desk gives us what sounds like a good option and we are off. It is near to the Duomo as most of life seems to take place in a small diameter from it. We are seated quickly....which is the last quick action to be taken. I had a Sicilian specialty rigatoni norma which is pasta with fried eggplant with tomato and ricotta. It was pretty good but, I would prefer less fried taste. The wine was also....ok....not something I will buy. Thus far we havenàt been served any great local wine. To make a long and painful story shorter....there was an entree mix up, a total misunderstanding of osterich which ended up oysters, and 30 minutes after asking for the check all getting up and going to the cashier downstairs to request for the 3rd time to pay. On to gelato....which made up for much of the less than stellar meal. It was tasty and cold. Just what I wanted....oh, and chocolate, also. We stroll down to Duomo and walke around a bit taking night shots. They have it lit very well so, it's quite impressive.

At this one statue, there is a chanel where a river flows under the city. A man was standing in it....seemingly playing in the water or something???

Deciding to call it a night we part and I head down the Via Girabaldi to my B&B. It is late, I need to call Rob and I am tired! It was a hot and tiring day but, it was nice to see some of Catania. I look forward to more, tomorrow.

The B&B is quite a comfy place to unwind and relax. I call it a night.


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Snowglobe of Catania highlights
Snowglobe of Catania highlights
Traditional Sicilian decorated hor…
Traditional Sicilian decorated ho…
photo by: Traveling_Brian